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white nail Customers Reviews

  • Cool

    posted by XiaoChuChu

    This nail polish actually glows in the dark. It's that same green-ish color that is on those stars and such you can stick on your roof or walls, I think you all know what I'm talking about. Works just as good as any other nail polish, dries fast and makes your nails pretty cool when the light is off. Or when it starts to get darker. It is however not exactly white, it's more clear and doesn't have any color. Which is ok because you can paint your nails with cute designs and then use this as a top coat as a little surprise.
    Really worth it and deserves a try if you like to paint your nails! Just remember that you do need to let your nails absorb some light in order to work. Acutally, it doesn't need much light to absorb because it's clear and really thin compared to those with other colors.
    Fun and cheap, definitley worth the money.
  • Cute and Shiny

    posted by donicaben

    They're shiny, sparkly and adorable.
    I already had an order going and figured, "What's $2.40 more?" and added these in. They are exactly what they say they are and fun for a manicure. Every girl deserves some sparkle once in a while.
    If you're going to make an impulse buy then these are a fun bet. Be careful not to throw them out, however. They package them in a bit of tissue and then stick it in a small ziplock bag. Easy to think that it's just a little garbage in with your order.
  • Best ever helper for nail artist

    posted by Jorkapp

    I saw a friend of mine has one of this and I was ecstatic to get my hand on one of my own! its easy to use and I love it! I am an avid nail artist but I haven't perfected the polish application so some of it always ends up on my hand or cuticles but this right here, helps me greatly on clean up! I use acetone or nail polish remover without acetone. it works on whatever you use to remove nail polish!
    Works wonderfully! I love it
    I bought one for my other friend and she loves it! So avid nail artists get your hands on this ASAP
  • Exactly what I needed

    posted by aprpm

    The pen is exactaly as it is shown on the pictures, it is really easy to use, and almost doesn't uses any batery there for the batery lasts for a long time.The heads are more than enough for groming my nails.
    It a very compact pen, perfect to take on the holidays, and for the money that you spend on it, this a really good buy.
    Very pratical and exactaly as the photos
  • a good product but has little quick effect

    posted by inger21

    it's cheap, does its job and easy to use
    IT is easy to store you must put nail polish in two stages
    You need patience to use this tool because it takes longer time than other lamps because of the power of the light bulb. but it does its job and gives equally good results as the other lamps. in addition, it is ease to use and can easily be stored and nice to look at. It works in a two-hole receptacle. it is also light in weight

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