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white nail polish Customers Reviews

  • Nail polischer

    posted by Hans62

    Wel its a nail polischer so far so good.Is its useful?not really I must confess.It does some polishing but not nearly enough to make it a great product.That having said,I did not expect a great product for this price so am I disapointed not really,you get what youre paid for.
    Its cheap so dont worry be happy
    Its cheap so youre get what its wurth.no complaints about it.Nothing more to say about it
  • Best finish for nails

    posted by gareis29

    Do not let the nail dry and white. It has a texture that seems to leave the nail hydrated and is very handy to carry in purse or anywhere. Give me a finish and a perfect nail contour.
    For manicures, nail polish varnish remover is very practical and very efficient, and does not ruin the customers' nails.
    The product itself is very good, efficient and practical time to do your nails, preventing smearing and end up messing.
  • great product

    posted by hfjelde

    The nailpolish remover works fine. It smells good. Personally im not a fan of lavender, but it still works. My favorite is the strawberry. It removes nailpolish like any other pads i have tried before, but this is much cheaper. It was great bargain.
    it removes nailpolish, simple as that.
    It was a good buy, and i have ordered more after the first time I tried it. I would recommand the product to everyone.
  • Nail polish removal pads - great thing to use.

    posted by Barbra8

    Very comfortable and simple to use. Smell is great - smells like real blueberries. Very good product for this price. Easy to carry when on the road.
    It would be great if in one box there will be more pads.It could be small, cute and usefull gift for girls.
    For this price this is the realy great thing to have. I will definately order more and definately recomend for my friend and family.
  • Cool

    posted by XiaoChuChu

    This nail polish actually glows in the dark. It's that same green-ish color that is on those stars and such you can stick on your roof or walls, I think you all know what I'm talking about. Works just as good as any other nail polish, dries fast and makes your nails pretty cool when the light is off. Or when it starts to get darker. It is however not exactly white, it's more clear and doesn't have any color. Which is ok because you can paint your nails with cute designs and then use this as a top coat as a little surprise.
    Really worth it and deserves a try if you like to paint your nails! Just remember that you do need to let your nails absorb some light in order to work. Acutally, it doesn't need much light to absorb because it's clear and really thin compared to those with other colors.
    Fun and cheap, definitley worth the money.

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