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white mini Customers Reviews

  • Better Android devices out there

    posted by Jakester519

    Small form factor and quite a nice shape. Plenty of venting in the casing to help keep it cool during operations.All cables supplied.Good HDMI picture output upto 1080p.
    The non installation and inability to use the PLAY STORE is a major failing.Having to use other marketplace stores after installing them yourself is also a problem.There are much better Android devices out there than this one.Do yourself a favour and look at something else, especially the Jeserun Xplus devices.
    Look at other devices first, this is not the best model available to showcase the Android TV systems.
  • Great Quality Breadboard set

    posted by Markuitos

    Excellent built quality. Allows to group components in differents areas and move them as needed.Also you can use only two small brick or threes getting a clear are
    If you already have a standard breadboard, I strongly recomend u to but this one, that is much more clear and configurable that a whole one
    Buy it, no excuses
  • Simple and useful meter

    posted by Fotophilic

    Good size for small locations like cupboards and storeroom. Comes with a stand. Very nicely packed and shipped in excellent condition. Seems reasonably accurate as it shows the same reading compared to 3 other humidity and temperature meters that have.
    If you need it this is quite good. If you need it for bigger rooms like your living room you might want to consider getting a larger version.
    Good buy, I would get a few more for my dry box and cellars.
  • USB 2.0 wifi router

    posted by johamemo

    Simple and very easy to use. Its very simple to set and put to work. The range is about 10m. (Simples e muito fácil de usar. É muito simples de configurar e colocar para trabalhar. O alcance é cerca de 10m. ) I set it up to work with Claro´s modem 3G. (Eu o configurei para trabalhar com o modem 3G da Claro)
    I recomend everybody have one because you never know when it will be useful. (Eu recomendo que todo mundo tem um, porque você nunca sabe quando ele vai ser útil.)
    It´s not expansive if compared with the benefits it have. (Não é caro se comparado com os benefícios que ela tem.)
  • Works OK, but some adjustments would do fine.

    posted by pettergulbra

    Good to use, nice range on it. Good feelness.Good price. Pointing is working exact, not problem with that.
    Better guideline could be with the remote.Maybe rounded corners on the under side, that would have been nice.
    It`s an OK product, but hope I find a solution for the shift problem.There is no problem connecting or something else. No problem of buying this product.

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