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  • Huge light output for its size

    posted by BjornR1989

    + Very high light output, comparable to a 500W halogen bulb+ More energy efficient than halogen lamps with similar light output+ True cold white light+ Compact design
    When in doubt what the correct polarity is, a regular multimeter switched to diode measurement mode will not be sufficient to test the polarity since the module consists of many light emitting diodes in series. The voltage drop simply is too high.Use a current limited bench supply and slowly turn up the voltage.I sure hope it'll outlast multiple regular light bulbs.
    Lots of light at a reasonable price. Just make sure to choose the right constant current power supply.
  • Crazy bright LED

    posted by zenith828

    Very, Very bright! Seems to be able to take anywhere from 16-18 volts with out gaining or losing brightness, it seems like overpowering this array will not increase its output, this is a pro for me. Great price for the light output and low power consumption.
    btw the reflector is is SKU 39963, and the lens is SKU 13569.I haven't tested the actual lumen output of this led (array) but it is way to bright to look at on full power (thats also at ~170 degree spread)The lumen to watt ratio is a little high so I'm assuming that it isn't quite 2000 lumen. 80 Lumen/watt? seems a little high to me but i could be wrong. Efficiency wise it is waaayyyy better then incandescent. If you want to see it in action, i filmed this video with only this led array lighting in total dark building and the array was powered by a laptop battery and wasn't quite on full power.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eERtoTfSpk
    It's the best price around if you want a powerful efficient led array, make sure you have a good heat sink.
  • Ceiling light to replace a recessed incandescent fitting

    posted by rolypolynz

    Cost - relatively cheapOne detail missing from the specifications, it fits a 153mm hole in the ceiling.Runs cool to touch even after several hours of being switched on. This means there is less heat loss through the ceiling as I can cover the light with insulation.
    Definitely a warm light but much whiter than a 100W incandescent bulb. Would probably look ok if these were the only lights in the ceiling but next to regular lights, it looks too bright and white.
    Looks like I'll be replacing all my light fittings with these :)
  • Very nice leds

    posted by LuckySkywalker

    Easy to install, great light, very bright leds, lots of programs. Its price is great for 200 Leds. Made my neighbour very jealous!!! You won't find even half leds in stores for this price!!!
    After christmas when i dismount them from outside home, i will fix the loose wire and probably make it a little longer so I can have the "programmer" inside home next year.
    Sturdyness of the programmer and length of the wire.
  • Flodd of light, mounting of plug should be better

    posted by cyriusbe

    Light flood, in a hall way, damn so good when coming back in night. Have it associated to sku.39580, PIR reacting at night only. This is a best choice in functionality, flood of light, automatically started and ended. But building quality is like sku.51390
    Even with this problem, this is a real good buy, it does not heat too much and give plenty of light (60-100w equivalent) for 13w and descent price
    I could not find such a lamp in Belgium, and when finally i found a similar, price is simply more than triple of this one.


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