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  • seems well built

    posted by aje1978

    Bright as.easy light to look at. Mounting is very solid. So many applications. I will be using it on my digger on my 4wd and as a portable camp / hunting light. Slim body makes it easy to mount on 4wd ,does not block radiator or create drag like larger conventional spotlights.
    Put it on my digger. Now I can work all night. Seems really solid so will take any I throw at it.
    I like it. And does what it was designed for. Some wiring knowledge needed for installation.
  • Excelent light for automotive use

    posted by palebi

    Very bright light source, it has a cool white tone.The lens focus the beam in a circle not very large.It's visible at day, wich make it usefull for daylight running.
    It has three wires:black: negative (earth)red: positive (12 V+) steadywhite: positive (12 V+) blinking
    The price is very appealing, I've buyed two of these to place as fog lights in my car, and they looks very good. I recommend it very much.
  • focused one point, warm.

    posted by ghandiano

    Very good if you want to illuminate a holley, or to a long distance because the light is very focussed in one point
    Very brigt, great to work because tou have a focussed high power lamp that does not tur too much heat like an halogen lamp, so you can took it with your hands directly
  • estonish

    posted by LIOREUT

    Remember the hourglasses? They exist so long not really remember who made ??them and when (although it is estimated from the eighth century to the 14th century), but they are still in use - mainly table games.
    Nationwide power plant costs the state a lot more money per pound - watt. It seems that there is nothing to elaborate on the benefits:Zero pollution, zero energy imports. The advantage of home solar power systems is also simultaneously recorded peak powerPeak power consumption - Summer afternoon.
    On the surface, all well and good, until you get to the numbers. The urgency of the matter gave National Infrastructures Minister Binyamin Benreal good for the garden or inside door
  • Nice in theory, but poor quality LED's/capacitors

    posted by joeyboy11223

    1) It's a pretty good price, about £8, you couldn't get something like this for that price over here.2) Looks nice, the head tilts up and down easily, quite firm but that means it doesn't feel flimsy so I know the head is going to stay at a higher angle and not slowly fall back down or anything.
    I can't say if this is the LED's themselves that are of a poor quality or maybe more like cheap plastic capacitors, or maybe poor heat dissipation. Either way I'd expect it to last longer really, especially since I didn't make much use of it, I'd literally only have it turned on for a minute or two as I was getting into bed, I only read very occasionally and even then only for 30 mins or so.
    A nice design, but maybe the fairly low price is sacrificing the quality of the components too much.

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