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white light lamp bulb

Every single white light lamp bulb displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. You can find what you want at t10 white light bulb, car white light bulb. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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white light lamp bulb Customers Reviews

  • little cold, but ok

    posted by mnalis

    - Price is acceptable (although it could be somewhat cheaper). - has nice big metal heatsink - quickly turns on, and at full power (especially compared to CFLs)- lots of bright white light
    - it is cold white, nice soft warm white. So it might be nice for big (otherwise it will be too strong) white/blue bathroom, but probably not for common areas (depending on your taste). You might want to try sku.109853 if that's the case
    if you need colder white, get this
  • Good product at a good price.

    posted by deswong

    - Reduces power consumption.
    - Nice, clean, white light.
    - Good degree of lighting to highlight whatever the light is pointed at.
    - Doesn't get too hot.
    - Can be used in plastic housings and not worry it will melt the housing.
    - Instant on - no waiting like some CF bulbs that have to take time to warm up.
    Definitely a must have for display cabinets, etc where using CF bulbs don't offer the same reliability in colour temperature. Good for energy efficiency and reducing your power consumption, while offering a nice clean white focused beam.
  • Strong white light

    posted by cvmSK

    Super price, strong white light (450lm 6500K) from one LED source, low consumption (5W vs old and hot 35W halogen bulb) and good design (black cover with silver ring).
    The best replacement for all classic and very hot GU10 lights in home.
    I replace booth lights in hood whit this LED bulbs and my kitchen change design, colour and feeling.They light on my colour glass on the kitchen wall and change it proportions.
  • Good lamp for regular usage

    posted by dindersk

    -Cold Light Temperature, it is pretty good, about 6k Kelvins-Good manipulation-Good quality of package-Fair price
    This is good bulb for regular usage in home area. Amount of light is good for applications where not many light is required, table lamps, or something else.It can be used for long term lighting applications, with only few watts consumption, in store room for example.
    -Good price-to-valueAfter long time of lighting (one day), bulb is quite hot.
  • Good led

    posted by aliksn

    set the backlight vehicle number. white color of light with very little yellowish tinge. or rather warm white. brightness is sufficient to expose the issue. shine 2-3 times brighter than regular bulbs look beautiful. for a long time, no diode is not extinct. quality is excellent. for me the most important thing that the light is not blue like the rest, and warm white.
    if money is not a pity, I advise taking. I myself have tried many different LEDs, the most suitable. brightness enough to reverse pass in the dark, even if conventional lamps do not work or are dirty.
    high price, but good quality and brightness. color - warm white.

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