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white light emergency lamp

Welcome to our white light emergency lamp online shop. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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white light emergency lamp Customers Reviews

  • Very bright and helpfull stuff

    posted by Podmaza

    It easy to assemble to any place in garage or at home and to power from 12v accumulator/transformator. It has a clips and long cable (more than 2m as stated). Light intensity is grate, more than I expect, and power consumption is true - 5watt.
    General quality is good, but the time will show how long it will work.
    If you need to illuminate a little room or garage and you have a 12v power this stuff is grate, but the price should be less.
  • quite bright

    posted by paultech

    Small, very bright. Usable with nearly any USB power source such as laptops , battery chargers and USB batteries.The light is relatively unfocused so it good for activities near the light only. One one of my tablets it will illuminate my face when using the front camera, not the room.
    Uses 120mA at 5V
    Handy, but keep it in a safe place.
  • Simple Backup Light

    posted by cadpr0

    A simple backup light for when the power goes out. There is one screw slot, but I attached mine to my garage's ceiling with double sided tape. Runs for about 10 hours on a full charge.
    It is bright enough to see the floor, doorways, etc...
    It's nice having an emergency light in the garage just in case it is needed. It is more then bright enough to light up half of a two car garage. I may end up buying a few more.
  • BEST EVER lite item on DX!

    posted by PROCALIBER

    Pays DEEPLY atention on this item, before
    it was tagged as an OUT OF STOCK label,
    becouse its usefullness, it is rare to find!
    It is near to perfection: You plug it on a
    wall inlet and the buddie makes the thing,
    I am ordering dozen from this, pretty soon!
    Works also as a very strong led torch lite.
    Amazing approach on a natural lite born.
    Incredible designed and works as a clock!
    Orderer many to improve friends homes!
  • What I expected

    posted by ademarfjr

    Not to much to say about an emergency lamp:it works fine, as I expected. I would repeat the purchase if I needed another emergency lamp.
    I think one important thing about emergency lamps is the battery lifetime. I haven´t used it to the point where the battery has gone, so I can´t say much about it (I have been using it for about 2 months now). Also, I didn´t test how long the battery lasts when leds on and not connected to AC.
    It does the job. Simple, it has a useful handle that you can use to carry it.

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