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white light ceiling lamp

This is our best white light ceiling lamp, they all share a great design and great prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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white light ceiling lamp Customers Reviews

  • I like it

    posted by claudiaoaraujo

    Good product for the price. I installed 4 lights in a 10m2 room and the make enough warm light. Alluminium spot is nice. Looks good. Very good for indoor use. No difficulties by installing.!! I recommend.
    Some pieces came apart (probably transport) and I had to reassemble. But it was easy to rejoin them.
    Easy installation, beautiful, good price. I recommend it to everyone.
  • Stylish and bright LED's

    posted by sirWest

    Looks unique, is bright enough for my desklamp installation, easy to install, 220V-to-12V adapter included, takes little power compared to CFL lights
    Could be even more brighter because of the design choice for losing some light
    Very unique design and looks really cool, lights up my desk and almost doesn't take any power doing it - a lot cheaper to use than my previous halogen light. I'm happy for the choice I made and recommend it for smaller area lighting solutions.
  • Bright light

    posted by papajack

    Very bright, solid and usefull light, more than I thought. White balance is equal on all 5 items bought.Nice aluminium build.Lamps are situated in bathroom and resistant enough against damp/fog.
    The build in size is 10cm diametre, so a bit different than advertised.Bottum and top are screwed together, so easy to open/close if needed.
    Very good, a quality product. I am thinking about buying some more.
  • Brilliant quality product

    posted by Lewitation

    Simple to mount and place.Very good light. Has everything you need to use it.No need for extra transformers or other brackets.The quality is very good! The light itself is movable so you can point it in the direction you need the light.The lightspread from these 3 leds is also very good!
    Similar products from other vendors cost 3 times the asking price here.
    If you need to light up a room and don't need the "warm" light, but want a solid light, go for it!This lamp is complete and easy to mount. All you need is some power.
  • Great product!!

    posted by Khersonsky

    First I buy 2 of this LED-lamps for my hall. I had 2 halogen lamps from 50W there and they burn almost all day. Every few weeks the lamp must be exchanged. Then I decide to buy this lamps and replace the halogen lamps. Both where warm-tint what give very spacial warm light, same as the halogen light. This 5W lamps are even more bright then the 50W halogen lamps before. Then I decide after a few month with no problems at all to exchange all the 12 halogen lamps in my corridor. It is really perfect!
    It is very solid aluminum construction for long time use. It has beautiful design and looks perfect in roof.
    Worth to buy and save much on your energy-bill!

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