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white light car lamp

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white light car lamp Customers Reviews

  • The best I tried

    posted by crene007

    Very good Led, looks tough and durable. Original setup which looks cheap, but really efficient if you prefer oriented light. Blue light probably 6500K. Really bright, probably close to what is stated. For sure twice as bright as SKU: 110706 and SKU: 193469.
    Be careful to polarity, else it won't work. Sencart should make the same product with 2x8 LEDs, it would be really great!
    The best product I tried for the bucks. If you need brigthness, they are almost as bright as 16W original bulb, with way less comsuption. Sencart product seems more accurate statement.
  • Great

    posted by Anon42

    -Lots of light, much more than the old 5W bulb-Very small, i was able to place it in a 22mm festoon reflector in my car-adaptaters for festoon, W5W and BA9s included-energy saving, I can now let the car lights on longer without fearing an empty battery -good packaging
    I've got two and the light color differs a little, maybe they're from 2 different led series
    I don't think they're 2.4W but they offer plenty of light for their size, but much more than the old 5W bulb, perfect for my car
  • BA9S 4.5W 9x5060 SMD LED

    posted by File015

    Extra fast delivery, great packaging professionally article is quite satisfactory in view, I installed it instead of the parking lights, and I am overwhelmed by the amount of light getting to them.
    It could be a little nicer, but it's not making the crucial quality. It is important that they do their job properly, and when the furniture and so they just do not see it.
    In my country, the use of light during the day, I use them instead of daily light and the police do not notice the difference now ... Not as bright as daytime running lights but the law can pass on to them.
  • Nice light

    posted by belgianmotor

    I'm using this in my motorcycle. Instead of my big headlight, it this led. So it shines high up. This is very visible. It's white, even a bit blue. I like this because it's an other light than bikes, cars etc.. So people will notice it. I use it together with a halogen light, the halogen for the light, the LED light for the attention.
    Fits perfectly. Exactly the same as the standard lamps. Will work perfectly for the fog lights to make them led daylight
    If you have more place for a bigger version, take a bigger one.
  • Very bright

    posted by OhhWell

    This panel is quite bright and also as an unexpected bonus, not as directional as I feared. What that means is that the light isn't all concentrated in one direction like a tight flashlight beam. Obviously, it is not as wide as an incandescent bulb but it's not too bad. The adhesive tape is 3M branded.
    I used this to replace the amber exterior light on our travel trailer. We leave the light on at night for safety when camping and sometimes are off the power grid. The incandescent bulbs in an RV are typically about 13 watts so this panel doesn't give me a huge power savings based on its 10watt rating but it is quite bright. Also, it is so white, it somewhat overpowers the amber casing and attracts bugs. I have to decide if I want the greater illumination and small power savings or switch to a smaller panel with less battery drain.
    This is a very good and bright LED panel with connectors that should fit just about any light receptacle within its target usage. The price is great for this many elements.

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