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white light bulbs Customers Reviews

  • Quite ok

    posted by cbr11

    Nice replacement for maybe 15 or 25W incandescent. Currently have 4+4 of these in a bathroom on 2 IKEA MUSIKs (one on each side of a mirror), and it is quite bright. Good warm color quality, no weird green tints or anything. I'd guess the Ra could be 80+ even (at least with so many of them evening each other out a bit, if small differences in color temp - not much visible though).
    Good replacement for incandescents and will beat any ESL, as they are instant on. Good quality so far, will need to get 2 more to fill the fixtures.
    Pricey for the lumens but probably worth the money at least if they will last for years.
  • Almost like daylight

    posted by moa999

    Great near daylight light, really bright.
    - This is the sister product to 65173 (5-led 3800K) and from the same family line as 39027 (4-led 3500k) and 30208 (4-led 6500K)- Due to whiteness light seems equivalent to 50W halogens although the bean angle is still less - not as good if low ceilings
    Great powerful cool white light, perfect for sunny rooms, areas leading to outside, modern areas with blacks and whites.
  • Good value, worked right out of the box

    posted by junimrox

    Very bright, light comparable to a 40W incandescent bulb, but only uses +-3W, so it saves money, lots of money... Good to study or cabinets, very good for piano playing, lights well the sheetmusic. Lights up instantaneously. Produces less heat than any other bulb.
    All leds light the same. None of them is burned.
    nothing to add, just buy it, replace your old fashioned incandescent bulbs for this stylish leds, leds are the future, you can have the same ammount of light spending 10 times less energy/money.
  • Good value

    posted by khopp75233

    - low energy consumption- doesn't get as hot as a halogen bulb- good spread in comparison to most other more spot-like LED light bulbs
    Very good price if the lifespan comes even remotely close to the advertised 30000-50000 hours. Conventional light bulbs only have up to 2000 hours.
    Very good in combination with some LED spots for places where more illumination is required.
  • It's like holding up 7 flashlights all pointing the same way

    posted by MattInSoCal

    - The design of the light means that there is not a tremendous amount of heat generated by the driver circuit.- Dimmable, but you might need a special dimmer that is compatible.- All the LEDs work, and from what I could tell the brightness of each looks fairly consistent.
    - Very, very compact design. This may be a Pro or a Con depending on what you need.- Construction quality is not perfect but better than I expected.- Weird 500 to 2500 millisecond delay when powered on.- Doesn't work with X10 dimmers.- This was listed as a Con but I moved it here as it's not a Con for everyone: No safety agency markings (CE, UL, CSA) which makes using this a bit of a risk though to be fair it's to be expected for an economical Chinese product. I can buy agency certified LED bulbs with better diffusion using a single or small number of emitters for 30% more in my local warehouse store.
    I bought this as an experiment as I want to convert most of my lighting to LED. With the light pattern, color temperature, and lack of agency certifications, I don't know where I will actually end up using this. Maybe in a hallway or closet controlled by a hard switch and that is used only for a short time. I'm still not sure, so it sits in the box.


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