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white light bulb e14

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white light bulb e14 Customers Reviews

  • Good quality bright (spot) light

    posted by jumato

    - Its bright- The light is white (6500K), which I like- The build quality is good- Looks safe; no electrical connections easily accessable- It lets light also between the metal cooling fins, which glitters nicely- Runs cool, you can keep your hand at the cooling fins after running the lights for hours
    I bought 5 of these some months ago and all work fine and have same color and light shape. In my application the light points to roof and reflects then to rest of the room. Some light goes down between the fins. For general room lighting a wider pattern might be better.
    If the thrower type light shape and high-side price don't scare you, its safe to buy. I don't regret.
  • Nice

    posted by cslev

    I just wanted to tell you that these LED lamps has an important detail, which is the temperature of it!above 6000K it will be very clean white light which is very unusual, so you probably won't like it!But the lights whose temperature is around 3500 K will be your favorite in order to reduce you electricity bill, since this temperature is the closest the color of the light, which you got used to.
    the lights whose temperature is around 3500 K will be your favorite in order to reduce you electricity bill, since this temperature is the closest the color of the light, which you got used to.
  • bright, low energy, fits almost anywhere, long life

    posted by unfair

    - The LED light bulb provides a very bright light and replaces the conventional bulb easily- Small Form factor allows the use even in places where fluorescent bulbs don't fit.- Wide range of voltage enhances the use even to a small lamp with a clamp for travelling without the need of an converter- long life (at least promised)- very low heat emission
    I ordered the bulb for testing whether it works as a replacement for the bulb inside my refrigerator. The cool intense light makes it easy to see even into the far corners - what it is, that lies there and whether all is speckless. I now can spot the best-before-dates without taking it out. I expect the LED bulb to live easily als long as the fridge will be in use - so an additional benefit is that I never have to change it again. It produces less heat and lets me close the door faster again since I can see more clearly, thus saving energy not only by the lower energy consumption of the bulb itself.
    bright light with low energy consumption that fits most purposes of a conventional bulb. not suitable in a "moody" place because of colour and being not dimmable.Will buy it again, especially when prices go down
  • Love it

    posted by tofalvip

    LED is the ligting of the future, albeit the cost of investment is significantly higher compared to incandescent bulbs.In my calculation, the investment in LED bulbs turns into profitable after using them for more than 6 years.This bulb is well built, easy to handle, doesn't heat up as an incandescent or even a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL).The color temperature is OK for me, isn't nor too cold and nor too warm.I am use it in my bath where I used to leave the light switched on, thus consuming power even if I wasn't there. Since this bulb has a lower consumption, the waste isn't so much.
    Love it, and use it everyday.
    Buy it as a Christmas present for your loved ones. This way you give them not only a nice present (which is better than any sweeties), but by their future savings, you also give them money.
  • High quality product!

    posted by ACGhirelli

    Excellent quality product! I will certainly buy again.Depending on use and care, durability is very good.One big advantage of this product is that because it is built with LED, it does not emit virtually no heat. If you're buying in to install a workbench, it will make much difference.
    I was really surprised with the luminosity emitted by the lamp.Not to mention that the design is really beautiful.How is manufactured with LED, power consumption is very low, which offsets the price.
    Recommended product. Speak very worth buying.If I find a standard socket will certainly buy more for my house.

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