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white light bar Customers Reviews

  • Very good light output

    posted by anyusr1980

    Very bright. Relatively cheap, could be cheaper. Smaller than i imagined. It contains 6 individual LED's. But when ON you can't see them independently. It starts working at ~7V. Best light output ist around 10.5V. It draws 300mA. The LED is mounted on a small piece of aluminium, which is good. I had it ON for around 20s and did not feel any heat.
    I can not prove or disprove that it has 270lm. But as I already said, it ist very bright.
    Relatively cheap. Small. Bright. Light. Very good for small projects.Good buy.
  • Practical but a Bit Flimsy

    posted by Anyjen

    Nice, solid metal, the light is bright and works just as advertised. A simple click will get it working, and a second click for a second type of light pattern.Make sure to check the width of your bike handlebars before purchasing it, because they were slightly too small for mine, even tightening the bolt at maximum. I solved it by wrapping electrical tape around it before sticking it in.
    They work fine, but it's a pain to have to modify them that much before you can install them.
    This would be a great product if it wasn't fr the fact that you are likely to lose the silicone button within days of installing them. I'd advise you to stick some clear tape on top of them to prevent this from happening.
  • LED strip light, very bright and powerful light light output

    posted by MS79

    I have found these lights to be very study and solid once mounted, well designed product and lots of light output, low current draw saves power, easy to mount. could be used to light up any environment, camping, fishing, boating, automotive
    Light was slightly bent when I received it, probably only through shipping though. I will be looking at fitting a led controller / dimmer in the future to use as camper trailer lighting and probably interior vehicle lighting
    Money well spent. I will definently purchase more for future projects. If ypu are after a light with lots of light output this is it, I are very happy with my purchase and have recommended to friends for there lighting needs
  • I think im blind... im having to find the keys by feel right now

    posted by jaemus

    I uh... ow. My eyes hurt. Especially the right one. INSANELY bright. Seems to me, sitting on my desk looking at it from a fairly obtuse angle that its brighter than a low-power laser pointer straight to the eye.
    Just to be clear, this might be obvious to most, but its not a single emitter, its still a series of points of light under the resin. Looks like two rows of about 50 emitters. So bright that you can hardly tell, though, and easily diffused into a solid bar of light.Would possibly make an excellent work light attached to a utility vehicle etc.
    PURE POWER. It would be massive overkill for lighting, say, the interior of a vehicle. One of these is probably sufficient for an entire garage, shed, carport, etc. Its more light than a fluoro of the same wattage. I bought two of these, I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with the other one. It's probably lethal in the wrong hands... I might have to lock it away somewhere really dark ;)

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