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white light 110v bulb

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white light 110v bulb Customers Reviews

  • Repairable bulb

    posted by wiserbutpoorer

    Small, cheap price, can repair
    Fits in most standard USA light fixtures, but not all, because of the short base with no neck to extend it away from the socket.
    I purchased 10 bulbs.
    I have been using for about a year and a half, and only one broke, but repaired and working again
    The 18 l.e.d.'s are in series, a 2 uf. @ 250v cap, limits line current with a 270k ohm resister (1 watt?) paralleling it, on one leg of the line voltage. Then the bridge rectifier, then filted by a 10 uf cap with a 10k ohm bleeder resistor-surface mount in parallel with the filter cap, then the series l.e.d.'s.
    Measured 53V.D.C across the 18 l.e.d.'s in series.
    This is a good light, a very white color, I have 7 in my bathroom, but still not as bright as I would like. But for 21 watts use, it is bright enough and cheap on the electric bill.
    Now, sigh, the rest of the house.
    This light, being repairable means probably a lifetime of service.
  • Not the best, but not bad!

    posted by ProDigit

    Ok, I didn't feel like writing pro's and cons for this bulb, so let me write everything here:
    The bulb is light yellow (white yellow-ish).
    The color comes very close to a 60-100W incandescent light, but the light intensity is only that of a 35-40W bulb.
    It's slightly brighter than the popular sku.29426. The housing is also slightly more recessed, meaning they fit deeper in the socket than sku.29426.
    They're not that powerful. Though each LED burns like they can burn holes in your eyeballs (and you'll still see the LED dots 5 minutes later after glancing in the bulb), the lamp itself is not so bright.
    Bright enough for night reading though!
    If you want a yellow version of sku.29426, this one is closest to it. Slightly brighter, and warmer, yet a tad more expensive too.
  • Extreme bright light

    posted by Cerulloctba

    Extreme bright light, can't look directly to it.Super small and really good.3.5W is also great.Good for using with specific things you want to be lightened. Bought a couple LED Lamps, to use in my warteraum, using every day since a got it and works perfectly. (1 week)
    You gotta buy a few more lamps, if you want you room to be as brighter as a normal lamp.
    This is the best technology, so far, when you talk about energy efficiency!Buy it you need it!
  • Great track light bulb

    posted by BillyBobFred

    Good light - about a 50-60w incandescent equivalent. Keeps nice and cool- safety for kids rooms and rooms you dont go in much. Great for lights you never turn off like porch lights (as long as they point to the right place.
    Great space saver- good for custom fixtures.
    Great bulb
  • So far so good

    posted by EBREBR

    Bulbs showed up quickly, Colour quality is nice. Build quality appears to be great. Low power consumption. Much better pricing that the hardware store($22.00 each)
    Instant on, no delay
    No cosmetic flaws, no loose parts. Fit perfectly.
    Packaging was adequate for shipping. Well protected.
    Swapped out the 50W halogen bulbs as soon as these arrived. These ones are probably about as bright as the 30W halogens. No matter to me though.
    If electricity cost are a factor, these are great for you. Low wattage, but great light. And a great purchase price

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