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white led memory flashlight

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white led memory flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Reasonable compact XM-L light

    posted by DrJones

    Mine came with a regulated 1.4A linear driver and thus draws about 5W (XM-L is specified up to 10W) - that's a good thing though, since a P60 drop-in light clearly isn't suited for more, so this is a reasonable choice and less prone for thermal suicide.
    Modes are 2%/30%/100%/strobe/SOS (2% is a quite low low, which I like).
    I measured a spot intensity of 4.7kcd, thus a NEMA-(0.25lx)-throw of 140m. A smooth reflector would probably increase that a bit.
    Compact XM-L light with reasonable power.
  • Very Nice!

    posted by sadgoat

    This flash light has a very very nice build quality. All the fit and finish is of the highest quality. The beam is focused and extremely bright. I would not recommend shining it in anyone's eyes. Battery life is surprisingly better than I had expected.
    This flash light should last a very long time even under extreme conditions.
    I would highly recommend this light who has a need for a 'real' flashlight. Great quality, abundant lighting options makes this my favourite flashlight.
  • Amazing light

    posted by Toveri

    A blindingly bright and solidly built. The light feels nice with no rattles and in my use it's been 100% reliable, unlike some of the cheaper lights.
    I'm not a very demanding user, but I'm still pretty amazed that in the year or so I've owned this light I've charged the batteries once. This was after getting stranded in the countryside during a week long blackout - and unfortunately my half charged batteries died on the second day.
    Brighter that some car headlights with a decent runtime, a charger and batteries. If you're looking for your first step in to the big torches get this one.
  • Good flashlight, but maybe 1400 lumens

    posted by JCBIKER

    I bought on July 6 and received it on July 31.I wait only 25 days to receive it in Brazil.Well, unfortunately this flashlight do not have 2200 lumens.Compared with sku.57003 that has only one T6 led, this Fandyfire has a litle bit more throw but almost the same intensity.It is very well built and its components seem to be of good quality.It's light is warm (yellow) - Color Temperature: Warm - 2800 to 3500k. Sku.57003 is white, maybe 6400k.It is heavy to put on the bike, but I made some changes and now I can use it on night rides because it become lighter and smaller.You can see how it became on my photos hear in DX and through: http://imageshack.us/g/7/image006mg.jpg/
    Good product. Very well done.It is a beautiful flaslight.The tube (which stores two batteries) is thick and the switch (both) makes the flashlight even heavier.Good product, but do not mistake yourself, it has not 2200 lumens, maybe 1400.
    Good product, but heavy, warm light and maybe 1400lumens.
  • Tatamovich

    posted by tatamovich

    Tough, durable, comfortable and bright. Comfortably in the hand, on and off. Fast, precise button. Flashlight comes into my EDC set. Easy to carry in your pocket and purse. For carrying on the keys do not fit.
    Set the price even lower by $ 7or make a button to change modes.
    Good flashlight for the price.

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