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white led bulbs Customers Reviews

  • Excellent value!

    posted by audioviili

    This has the best LED colour for gentle indirect lighting situations. Ever.All the individual LED's are still working after 2 months.Runs cool. When installed in "open spot", does not generate much heat at all. I think this bulb can stay alive for a long time.
    This was my first buying experience.I was looking for a LED bulb that had soft relaxing tone for "indirect" lighting. Not cold colour, not bright white or blueish.This product has clearly a bit GREEN colour on the light, if compared to a fluorescent. This bulb is very easy for eyes! Must be one of the nicest colour tones for a LED bulb, ever.If a LED light can have a colour tone that helps you feel a positive summer day in your room, this one has the right vibe.This bulb does not give a stunningly powerful brightness on a large space. Not at all. This gives more of an atmospheric light, if only one of these is used. Anyway, I would be happy to light up more of these on a single room.
    I can highly recommend this product if you are looking for a LED bulb to give some mild, gentle INDIRECT lighting. Of course this is not a bulb which you can stare direct at.I'm going to buy more of these. Don't need to look any further.
  • Not bad reliable lamp

    posted by ffcru

    Bright, even light. During 4 months of use, none of the six lamps was stopped working. Stylish faceted diffuser.
    Good design, stylish looks, on light replaces 40W halogen lamp, a good solution to save energy consumption.
    Ideal for installation in a bathroom or hallway. Efficient diffuser, good brightness. Acceptable price. But too cold light.
  • Verry Bright

    posted by blubbender

    Verry verry bright LED even at 2A current. Produces not much heat at 2A and creates nearly 700lm with this current (datasheet).
    Is on lower currents (50mA) bright enough to see the way where you walking
    I used these to update an ultrafire a1 flashlight. With origininal driver the LED run undriven on the 16340 battery @ 2A. With this you get a verry bright flashlight. You can see everything 100m away, but with this LED and the reflector in the lamp you have nearly only a big spot
    makes much fun with this led modding flashlights.
  • about item G4 4W 6500K 270-Lumen 68-0805 SMD LED White Light Bulb (DC 12V)

    posted by Arturpogosyan

    shines brightly
    bulbs can't be inserted into a chandelier because diameter of bulbs more than 1 cm (and at the bulb basis it is equal to 1 cm, and on an extent more) is a pity
    bulbs can't be inserted into a chandelier because diameter of bulbs more than 1 cm (and at the bulb basis it is equal to 1 cm, and on an extent more) is a pity
  • useful bulb

    posted by tayfundefender

    So i bought one for the fisrt time, that because i thought that it won't be not even half of a brightnes of a nomral bulb. But i was rong. when i tested it it was more than i expected. Yes it's not that bright like a normal bulb but it getting verry close to it. And if u take in mind the expenditure of electric current , it's verry small compared to the normal bulb. So i want to buy some more to change all of them. form my opinion it's well built. Not preaty but well. and the best thing is that it's not getting hot so much like the normal bulb.
    something that will make this bulb better would be that they could make it somhow to place some smd-s on the side so that the light won't be focused only in one dierction.
    So if u want to make a little change and some economy in electric consumption. buy it. it's great.

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