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white led bulbs Customers Reviews

  • Great Price

    posted by draftbc

    Cheap, free shipping, I was directed to this site by a friend who shops here all the time. I tried a purchase, then tried and RMA, received in store credit. Thank you
    Was directed here by a friend, we both had issues trying to claim in store credit, however after almost 1 hrs we figured it out.
    Most likely won't buy from this site due to overall confusion.
  • Great bulb at a great price

    posted by gord888

    - Almost the same brightness as the stock bulb- fits nicely into the stock Mitsubishi Outlander license plate lights - no modification necessary- colour is bluish similar to luxury brand led lights
    for the price, this is a great bulb. It works very well.The light is closer to 6500k than 6000. Keep that in mind if you're trying to match up your lighting
    If you have a T10 application, get this bulb. it looks damn good.
  • Nice little L.E.D light

    posted by Atix07

    The first thing i did was to crack open the one I receive the circuit board include some led and resistor no protection. I used a couple of lr44 to create portable light it is powerenough (30W-40w) and last 3-4 hours on 8 lr44 witch is nice
    compere to other led on this site this is one of the best one I have try and for DIY guy the fact that it's a 12V module make it a realy nice for different project.
    I have bought a couple of those and will create different battery operated lantern and flashligh like device :)
  • fine for reverse lights

    posted by belarmito

    Nice white light looks real good.Forget to change them, it will never blow like happens with normal ligths. Could last forever.Fits perfectly.

    Quality looks good.

    Best price you can get on the internet.
    Just ok for reverse lights. Not bright enough for braking lights.

    The colour of the light looks fine. Real white instead of something between white and yellow (normal lights)
  • Amazing for the money.. but sightly strange design..

    posted by Jemmauk

    As bright as daylight. The only difference between the two is that one is a whiter light than the other. They're honestly that bright. Another advantage is the fact theres a lot of little LEDS means that the bulb doesnt glare. Doesnt seem to get hot at all. The design is odd - it seems that the bulb consists of separate LED array panels and a round one at the bottom in a frame with something inside connecting them up. Be aware that whatever this is (a transformer?) it is not attached to anything - handle the bulbs gently.
    These bulbs are able to illuminate a room entire that I had problems with using three CFLs because of the way the lighting is arranged. I can't recommend enough..
    The only drawback with these is their size - and in the majority of cases that wont be an issue. The price works out at just under £12. This may seem steep but look at it this way. I bought a bulb from DX (admittedly a different model LED) in Oct 2010 for my bathroom light - and it finally died in march 2013 - after a house move and a year at the new place working perfectly. When you look at it that way £12 for a bulb doesn't seem that bad.Heartily recommended!


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