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white lamp Customers Reviews

  • Nice little work light

    posted by murcod

    Compact size, wide beam angle, mostly well made and constructed, comes with mains and 12VDC chargers. I haven't tested the running time but it certainly seems like it will last at least a couple of hours. Capable of lighting up a large area, but for fine work you need it within arm's reach for decent lighting.It runs cool and has waterproof covers on the switch and charging port.
    It's a bit pricey, but I'm glad I bought it. I've used it in roof spaces for doing wiring and it will be perfect for working in or under a car. It would also be good for camping given the wide angle of the light. It's the usual blue tinged LED white light colour, but it's not excessively blue.
    Providing it lasts the distance it's an excellent investment for any handyman.
  • Good colour. Good brightness.

    posted by pHr34kY

    It works as a drop-in replacement for G9 incandescentIt's a good colour (just a touch whiter than incandescent)It's slim enough to fit into sockets with bulb covers.Encased in gel (silicone?). Good for humid places.Seems to handle 250V well (only had it a week - time will tell).Very bright for a 3W globe. Brighter than a 25w incandescent.
    I fitted four of these into a bathroom vanity light to use for shaving and make up and what not. The colour and intensity of the light is very good for detailing one's face. It throws light very well in all directions and produces a very soft, natural light when placed inside frosting.
    For the price, these are are a good bulb. They're a great utility light, but probably not up to the task of lighting an entire room (unless you use an array of them).
  • Perfect Part

    posted by firenice1

    - Easy to change with the origin part,- ligth is very brillant,Für unsere sportlichen BMW Fahrer genau das richtige um das Heck etwas aufzupimpen. Ich sollte es für eine Bekannten bestellen, also gesagt - getan.Der Einbau geht sehr leicht, altes raus, Kabel ab, Kabel dran und rein das Ding. Das dauert für beide ca. 10min.
    Nothing.Fällt mir nix zu ein.
    This is a great cheap item. Is works.Ein sehr günstiges Produkt, ohne Fehl und Tadel.
  • Surprised me a lot!

    posted by t4toterapeuta

    - Nicely attach to any E27 socket.- Built-in motion sensor (very precise).- Brighter than I expected - not for main / reading light, but ideal for hallways. - Beautiful and well constructed, make itself a nice decoration item.- Rated 3W!
    I plan buying a lot more of this lamp to make my house more comfortable and environmental friendly. After using this I don't want to put my hand on a lamp switch anymore.It don't turn on when my cats pass bellow it (wait, I have four cats. Three of them are slim and the light don't turn on. But one of them is really fat and turns on the lamp when it passes. Not a con, but very funny!).
    I didn't believe in this product until I see it working at night. It lights up my hallway perfectly, I don't need any other lamp there. Sometimes I just pass through it to see it precisely turning on. Everyone who see it want at least 3 of them.Could be a bit cheaper so I would buy tons of it!
  • Good led

    posted by aliksn

    set the backlight vehicle number. white color of light with very little yellowish tinge. or rather warm white. brightness is sufficient to expose the issue. shine 2-3 times brighter than regular bulbs look beautiful. for a long time, no diode is not extinct. quality is excellent. for me the most important thing that the light is not blue like the rest, and warm white.
    if money is not a pity, I advise taking. I myself have tried many different LEDs, the most suitable. brightness enough to reverse pass in the dark, even if conventional lamps do not work or are dirty.
    high price, but good quality and brightness. color - warm white.


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