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You can easily find the latest low priced white hdmi offered at our online shop. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

white hdmi Customers Reviews

  • Handy Device

    posted by DaGMan

    Does as it says on the package.Looks really cute.Comes with the adaptor for Mini HDMI.
    Make sure you are using correct resolution on the output device or it might not work with your VGA monitor.Doesn't work on RPI.
    Works on everything else I've tried it on, so if you need a HDMI to VGA, give it a shot.
  • Good product and good price

    posted by ManuelRodrigo

    It is a nice product and its price is the best of all. A lot of complements (counts for the camera). The quality of the clips are pretty good and the camera is very roboust. It is perfect to use as sport camera.
    From my point of view, for the price of the camera it is the best that you can get.
    If you dont want spend a lot of money purchaising a go pro, I think it is quite similar (no so good), but it is ideal to start with.
  • It works as expected

    posted by ajcpro

    A cable like the one shown in the photo and described in the text. The cable is labeled "HIGH SPEED HDMI(TM) CABLE WITH ETHERNET". I have not tested if the data connection works because I have no devices that use it. Cable length is nice for the distance I use it.Un cable como el que se ve en la foto y describen en el texto. El cable está rotulado como: "HIGH SPEED HDMI(TM) CABLE WITH ETHERNET". No he probado si funciona la conexión de datos porque no tengo dispositivos que la usen. La longitud del cable es suficiente para la distancia a la que lo uso.
    I am using it with my tablet, watching contents on TV or using an external monitor as a second screen. Includes protectors for connectors.Lo utilizo para ver la tablet en el ordenador y para usar un monitor externo como segunda pantalla. Incluye capuchones para los conectores.
    Very recomendable HDMI/mHDMI cable if you need one.Cable recomendable si necesitas uno.
  • Pretty good!

    posted by CAGroh

    -Very bright and clear image, you really can watch a projection with windows open-Quite Plug and Play, no need to harness with much menu navigation-Comes with a built-in battery that I left charging for 24h before using the unit. This is very good since I plan to use this device for business presentation at my client's premises-Focus is good too
    -The project is quiet, it's fan produces less noise than my ultra-book's-It comes with a small HDMI cable (50cm long) and a tiny tripod, so you don't need to buy one-Focus is good and if you leave the projector on a straight horizontal position you should not notice that trapezoid effect
    -I was able to project very sharp image 10ft (3m) in diagonal on a white wall 15ft (4,5m) away-No rainbow effect, and that's good-Used it to test a digital chalkboard I bought and it was working perfectly well.-The unit is lightweight so it's perfect for carrying on
  • Incredible! Nice projector!

    posted by browcwb

    Product compact, durable, easy to set up, reasonable resolution for watching movies considering it a low-cost projector, very practical and easy to use, came with remote control and can be configured for different languages??!For this tiny projector it has a brightness higher than expected, as well as having control of focus, contrast, color, etc.Came with remote control!
    To change the language press on the remote control: menu button, left arrow, down arrow, ok button, choose the language with the arrow keys, press ok button and the menu button to finish.
    Recommend the purchase to anyone wishing to have the comfort of watch movies on a projector, but remember the resolution is not very high, considering the low price is a product of excellent quality!

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