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  • It´s a BONSAI´s Scissors!

    posted by PROCALIBER

    Beautifull, seems as a very expensive garden tool, made it for the Serious Hobbist.
    Nice to buy to someone that you know it will uses it: Take it out the package blister and put this BIG golden scissors on a wooden box and give it as a remarkable and ´rare´ gift.
    It is a HUGE scissor!!!
    Pure steel on both sharp blades and grip in a golden bath, emulates Gold itself.
    Very sharp!
    I strongly recommend to uses just the middle-to-tip area of the blades, cuts easy like a laser knife.
    Cheap, Beautifull, a Rare Gift to one wich real will uses it.
    Cuts even paper!
    But be carefull and pay mauch atention with the Bad Design of the grip: It is crunch out your last fingertip.
  • Good value. Better than expected Product

    posted by samo2001

    Very good quality. Must better than expected. Very shiney and colour as described and very similar to how the pictures looks like. Extremely good deal for the kind of price it is selling for.
    The time it takes DX to ship, collect from supplier and for me to received the item from ordering could probably be improved. It took the order 19 days to arrived and its not its full content (ie, some items in my order are still not shipped, because DX took too long to collect it from supplier). It's probably not DX's fault that the supplier is not quick enough, but the time you have to wait could be part of your consideration.
    Good buy. Highly recommended. Best deal for the kind of quality, style, fashion and usefulness.
  • Great product!

    posted by TooManyFIsh

    - Good build quality. I've had mine for > 6 months and no problem.
    - Great price. In my country (Canada) an equilvalen produt would cost >$30 USD to buy in a shop.
    - This product produces a noticeable difference in piacture quality from Wii.
    If you have a Wii and want better picture quality then this is an awesome and inexpensive way to upgarde your system.
  • Short connection cable

    posted by agmagm

    Very well packed, excellent quality of materals used for its production. Firmly fixed within HDMI sockets. Quite suitable for connection devices set to the deck, in my case sat-receiver and SKU : 16554.Being short, allows to avoid "beard" on the backside.
    Good quality, reasonable price, delivery time is not as short as expected. But excellent performance compensates it. Tested with HDMI 1.3 devices, works fine.
    I would recommend this cable for thoose who likes HDMI hometheatre video for reasonable price. You may connect your devices without long mixed cable beard behind the deck.
  • Excellent for low-light illumination

    posted by hfriman

    Instant on, as opposed to most traditional low-energy lampsDecent looking, if in open viewIdeal as night light in kids bedroomEnergy vs. effekt is excellentDoes not get hot, so your kids won't get burnt.
    I am currently setting up night illumination in my house. I've got 8 lamps distributed and uses this in one of them. I am going to buy 7 more...Can be used behind a plastic screen for an even more soft illumination. The plastic won't melt, as long as the is a smal gap to allow air flow.
    Absolutely excellent and far more efficient than traditional low-energy light bulbs

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