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white gloves Customers Reviews

  • So usefull

    posted by deadman24

    Awesome gloves, they really work! At first I was afraid that they were not going to work, but they really do, you can use your phone without taking out the gloves. Also they're comfortable and soft, fit perfectly and, above all, they are warm... so warm.
    Before you buy it mesure your hands, they stretch but not that much. At Specifications you will find the gloves size so you can compare to your own.
    Good price and good product, you'll be pleased when arrives so try it! Is a good investment for winter season.
  • It's a nice feel

    posted by alastor83

    The gloves have nice feel and they suits perfecty in my hands. It's a good sensation. The design is original, but it's not necessary a design for a pair of gloves. But, I can distinguish my gloves from my sister ones
    Nothing, they looks durable. I bought it only one week ago. After I tell us if the are durable or not if you are thinking in buy this item
    Buy it if you can't go to a shop for them. If you can go to a shop you must find a similar product cheaper.
  • confortable

    posted by dankitavero

    the product is cheapis softdynamicgreat colorsIts cheap. You can buy more then one for a whole year.Amazing, so simple but so efective! Women warm gloves are perfect, you just plug and warm instantly!
    i recommended this product!No real cons. There are no complaints from me for this price!!!
    The Quality and Shipping time was really good. looks exactly the same as shown in picture. Very happy to own one. The way the item was packed was really good.
  • Great purchase

    posted by draggonfly

    Far outclass my old bulbs, lasts practically forever or at least longer than the car will, uses 3 emitters per package, thus is brighter without being bigger, so 16 LEds become the equivalent of 48 LEDs. Really small. you need a ruler to realize how small it is. Gives a bright white light.
    i don't think these actually need extra resistors in series for them to operate at 14v. In fact, i have had these running at 14.4v for quite a while and they havent dimmed or exploded or anything.
    These use 120ohm resistors, but remember, these are 3 emitters per package, so it uses extra current. the 30 ohm deficit is used to cover for that.
    The black resistor is there because it is in series with two leds only, so it needs to be of higher resistance to cover for those two LEDs.
  • Very bright

    posted by ben07

    I used two of these to replace / upgrade the dome (map/reading) lamps on my old ford explorer. The size fits perfect and I hardwired them instead of using the supplied adapters (a bayonet adapter, a festoon adapter and a T-series socket adapter) The included 3M foam tape made the installation easier
    Hopefully they last long enough even with 3 resistors. I do not use the map lights frequently so I am guessing they should last as long as (if not longer) that the original bulbs
    Very bright white light. A nice upgrade to an old incandescent bulb. If it lasts long enough then it's very much worth the purchase price.

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