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  • It is Just Ok

    posted by diego10arg

    . It is quite large to avoid burning your forearm with the oven. . Nice colour. . Comes with a hanging option. . Works as intended, but do not hold your hot stuff too much. Heat will go through it and damage your hand.. Package was quite big, with a useless cardboard box inside. It should have been sent in a plastic bag to reduce weight and size of shipping.
    . It is ok, what else could you ask for a glove like this.
    . Would try to buy Sku http://www.dx.com/p/kitchen-heat-resistant-cooking-oven-glove-red-135421 to see if it has better results.
  • Great purchase

    posted by draggonfly

    Far outclass my old bulbs, lasts practically forever or at least longer than the car will, uses 3 emitters per package, thus is brighter without being bigger, so 16 LEds become the equivalent of 48 LEDs. Really small. you need a ruler to realize how small it is. Gives a bright white light.
    i don't think these actually need extra resistors in series for them to operate at 14v. In fact, i have had these running at 14.4v for quite a while and they havent dimmed or exploded or anything.
    These use 120ohm resistors, but remember, these are 3 emitters per package, so it uses extra current. the 30 ohm deficit is used to cover for that.
    The black resistor is there because it is in series with two leds only, so it needs to be of higher resistance to cover for those two LEDs.
  • Very good product!

    posted by rafin24

    Gives a really nice looking to the interior of the car!A very bright light with full power!Good Price.
    Very good product, that made my car look new (instead of the yellow and ugly default light), for this price you must buy one (at least one :-))
  • Great Item

    posted by gfd1007

    I have changed all the lights that I have in my trailer in the bush. I only have 12v power so conservation is a must. These are brighter at less draw than the original lights.My wife loves the extra light that they give off for reading. Great for anyone using 12v solar power.
    I have built a holder for one light for outside and can light up 50' sq.
    Great Item for the avid outdoors man.
  • Really Good Lights

    posted by draggonfly

    Bought These to replace SKU 12744. Fits PERFECTLY in my car doors and provide a LOT of light. its like Night and Day comparing these to the original halogen lamps. its simply amazing.
    These have 120 ohm resistors, but these are also 3 emitters per package. the 150ohm resistors are used on those with 1 emitter per packages. basically its like 3 LEDs in each LED, so 30 ohm deficit is used to cover for those. So no, An Extra resistor in line is not required to run these at charging voltage. in fact, mine have been running at 14.4v for a few weeks with no signs of failure or anything.
    Get these!


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