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  • An OK universal flashlight

    posted by liubartas

    18650 or AAA batteries can be used, it looks OK. It is rather easy to go from square spot to spill. It can tailstand.It is suitable for bicycle riding but you may want to consider other flaslights as it loses light having no reflector.Otherwise an OK/good piece of manufacturing.My light dropped on stones after lanyard broke, which resulted maybe in a couple of small specs on the body but one has really search for them and there was no effect on function.
    It has no hotspot. The spill is even with a couple of ligt rings outside but they are negligable.It has no reflector, so much light is lost when in spot mode.I has, IMHO, a simple plastic lens, no fancy coatings whatsoever.The High mode draws up to 2.05 A (at least - my DMM probably is an average and may not be very accurate). Middle mode is about 0.8A, Low is 0.03 (mostly on my DMM), rarely it can get to 0.14A. I tried to get stable measurement but sometimes it is just brighter than usually.Head does not get hot or even warm after half an hour so it may really not take 2.8A current and/or heatsinking is not that good.It has an O ring at the tail but no on the front.Threads on the tail are pretty shallow and are not square but worked fine for me.
    It is a bright light after my ~5 y. old one, it is good for riding a bicycle if you do not require hotspot or correctly working memmory. Middle mode has OK/satisfacory light levels for riding, and High mode is more comfortable. Low could be used too in darkness but it would force you into rather slow ride. A light with reflector will not be as adjustable but may throw more light and not just absorb it.
  • otima lanterna, muito forte e resistente..

    posted by BRANDINO

    lanterna de boa qualidade, muito forte o feche de luz, material de boa qualidade, vem com clip e um laço para prender na moa
    comprei essa lanterna pensando que seu feche de luz seria fraco mas a mesma me surpreendeu o feche de luz é muito bom e forte, ela tem trés modos de luz, forte, médio e intermitente, já usei varias vezes e gostei ela só não vem com carregador e bateria, acho que poderia vir
    adorei a lanterna recomendo para que queira uma, fácil de usar e um ótimo preço, boa para pescar......
  • Good design and price, but strange blue colour of light.

    posted by suunta

    Positive green body colour, small size, comfort clip, powered by one AAA battery, bright light. And, of course, good price.
    It's rather hard to press the on/off button. I thought that it is disadvantage, but later understand a benefit of this: pushing on/off button by chance in your pocket is unlikely.
    Good product for a good price, if you don't care what the spectrum of light.
  • Good all around flash light lacking polish!

    posted by MBT12222

    -Bright 30 lumen-Water Resistant Flashlight-Strong laser-Uses a single AA battery
    It is small and handy. All there is to test is how well it stands up to daily use.
    At the price of 5$ it seems like fair price. Yet there is room to improve the product.
  • Great flashlight for unprotected 18650 batteries

    posted by TheChemist

    Very good flashlight for unprotected 18650s.
    Overdischarge is not possible as the discharge current is reduced to 0mA at 2.5V.
    Additionally the tripod socket opposite to the switch is very convenient.
    The recessed base of the flashlight can take a rare earth magnet. (19x3mm)
    Sehr gute Taschenlampe für nicht geschützte LiIon-Zellen Typ 18650. Tiefentladung ist nicht möglich da bei 2,5V der Entladestrom auf 0mA fällt.
    Des Weiteren ist das Stativgewinde (kamerastativ-typ) auf der Rückseite der Lampe, exakt gegenüber des Schalters sehr praktisch. Der eingetiefte Boden der Lampe (19x3mm) eignet sich zur Aufnahme eines neodymmagneten.
    Measured currents taken from the battery:
    @ 4.2V:
    Hi: 570mA
    Lo: 150mA
    @ 3.8V:
    Hi: 400mA
    Lo: 130mA
    @ 3.6V
    Hi: 300mA
    Lo: 120mA
    Flash Mode is Hi between 7.045 and 7.250 Hz and a duty cycle of exactly 50% (3 Flashlights tested).
    Very good cost-performance ratio!
    Sehr gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis!

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