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white face Customers Reviews

  • Good quality

    posted by cgualassi

    Product looks very good. ALso is very easy to use even if you are not an expert.
    I found the same product in other site 30 percent cheaper however I had already place the P.O. The transportation lead time was good considering that The product was shipped to BRasil.
    Product arrives to BRazil with no customs issue. THe DX used to be cheaper in the past
  • As good as expected

    posted by Godtkjop

    This face protection works just fine. Made of good fabric and is comfortable to wear. The colour is nice and the mask can be used on both sides.
    There could be some information on at which level it gives protection. What kind of particle level it allows to come through. Also if the mask is flame resistant or not could be mentioned if possible. Washing instructions in english could be added in the package.
    A good product that gives what it promises.
  • cute watch

    posted by stepcl0sah

    well this was a great watch looked good with almost everything i wore. not much really to say it looked great and told the time. it had problems but for the price was well worth it
    great for going out but dont let people look up close because theres a ridiculous smiley face on it.( i personally things the watch could do without the smiley face.
    its a great buy
  • eye holes are painful

    posted by paultech

    good skin colourfits most size headscould be quite a good mask if the eye problem can be fixed
    I haven't looked too closely yet to see what can be done to remedy the eye problem , after all Halloween is still many months away.
    better consider some mask surgery to get this one to fit.Avoid if you don't want to modify masks.
  • Best one yet

    posted by drakensis

    Cheap case, with a fun and good loking design, it does its work pretty well, protecting the iPhone, easy to atach and detach, a think i noticed is that this case has the face in the back but the face its protected by a plastic, i mean it is not printed right in the back it is printed like in the middle of the case, this makes it last for a while be cause the face wont scratch.
    Im definitely looking forward to buy more cases like this because are really cheap, look great and by the way they are designed they will last long, as i said, the printed back isnt in the back is somehow in the middle of the case and covered with a transparent plastic so its designed to last long
    Should definetly buy this case, looks really good, will last you longer than others and its cheap, plus it protects the phone

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