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white ceiling light Customers Reviews

  • Great light from this recessed led light

    posted by GadgetMe

    Its a very impressive light. White light. Easy to install. Have this in the bathroom and the difference is amazing. White light bouncing around. The light has a very nice diffuser on it so light is spread and no harsh shadows. The actual light is a good solid build.
    I have the light months, just only got a chance to install in the bathroom today. Lets hope the driver is OK and doesn't melt and burn my house down :-oWould be good for home office too.
    Super light. If its white light yer looking for this will satisfy!
  • Great LED for the budget spent

    posted by Cy4n1d3

    Low price for the product you get.I bought 3 at once and hooked them up on some heatsinks. They indeed seem to deliver about 1000 lumens and they also produce quite a high amount of heat, so make sure to cool them properly. Also easy to handle - drill holes in heatsink, screw those leds on with some thermal grease and you are good to go.
    I hopy dx will deliver appropriate drivers soon and stock up on those lights again!
    +price is excellent+light amount is high-slight tint when compared to high cri warm white lightsOverall I can recommend this lights to anyone who doesn't need cri95+ and looks for high amount of light for a low amount of money.
  • o man thats bright

    posted by Markie1st

    I wanted some nice shaped led lights for my hallway and these absolutley look great. The are flat and the white steal edge matches the milky glass perfectley. The price is as expected low. Around here u will pay up to 4 times the amount in euros for one. They came with a 240v plug and play converter so u could just hook them up and enjoy. The clamps are better than i thought. Once u connect them and place them in the hole they wil keep the frame perfectley solid. And they are bright beond believe if i light one up on full power i can light up my entire livingroom at night
    Beeing its that incredibley bright maybe it should come with a standard dimmer
    Good price, nice quality and a lot of light for youre money
  • Simple install, looks good

    posted by Wrathian

    Comes ready to install with the driver, only need to connect the driver to electricity and place the lamp in the ceiling socket.Looks just like in the picture.
    I ordered 3 of these, which are described as "Warm White", but I received 2 "Warm White" and 1 "White", when installed together it is very noticeable that one of them emits a different light.I solved it placing the "white" light in a different room, away from the others.
    Looks great.One of the three that I ordered didn't come as described, was of equal quality, but a different product.Overall appears to be of good quality.
  • Good Led ceiling light

    posted by iknack

    good qualityextremely brightThe direction of the beam is adjustable. It uses only 1 Watteasy to installcan be connected in any country without any modification
    i really like it and it is very useful. I bought a lot of it and i am very happy with the result.
    This is a very good product for those who need to put a lot of lights, since it is very bright and it only uses 1 W. I would really recommend it because of its price and quality


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