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  • Bright and easy

    posted by otrofox

    It's really bright and so much small that you can replace any bulb with it.It's brighter than original bulbs and don't get hot which is good for your plastic lamp holder and saver for your battery (less hot, more efficience)Connectors are versatile and work for every type of car bulb connector.
    It's good, it's cheap, it's brighter.What are you waiting for?
  • Sooo Bright

    posted by jason3947

    -seems as bright as the 1.8W light.
    -amazingly tiny construction
    -extremely bright
    -hurts eyes even in daytime! wasn't
    expecting that one!
    -super clean white colour
    way smaller than i imagined even with the dimensions posted. think of 2 dimes sitting next to eachother.
    makes some weird materials glow weird colours when shone upon, i mean things like flourecent orange plastic. like on toys
    awsome product!
    soo much light
    bright white colour, everything looks like its right colour, no weird gamut
  • Great Light

    posted by Miniac

    This LED board is extremely bright, it brightens the whole inside of my car. Even when fitted inside the original car lamp it is still very bright.Great idea to include multiple socket connections. Comes with really strong adhesive tape on underside.
    This could be used in mulitple locations in the car, glove box, boot, im thinking of using one under the hood of my Ute. Didnt need to use adhesive tape when placing inside original lamp box.
    Very useful and extrememly bright light.Beats all other bulb types.Im very happy with this product
  • Definitely not the warmest white

    posted by NeoMoucha

    Great LED light bulb, well built, although you have to little tighten the screws if it is needed. nice luminous flux about the same as a 20W halogen light bulb. It is quite cheap. Focused beam (if you need it)
    The light beam is of course much more focused than in a 25-35° halogen one.
    Great for saving money for electricity in a long run and if you don't mind the color of the light and don't seek a REAL warm white LED light, can be perfect for you, because it is still quite warm.
  • good lighting

    posted by vashkaz

    Good, solid, bright light for its priceAbove average build qualitySaves lots money on electricity in long run compared to halogens, especially if you have a lot of them :)Brightness is somewhere between 20W and 35W halogen bulb
    Maybe a little less value in Lumens-per-Watt than more expensive products, but you can't demand more for such a price :)Brightness is somewhere between 20W and 35W halogen bulb
    Good product for decent price


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