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Check out the great white car to see if there is any that suits you. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. white car dome or car white lamp contains many hot and popular products. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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white car Customers Reviews

  • Great LED H3 Bulbs

    posted by FRGT10

    It is LED so it's power saving. Great white light matching the color of my xenon light. looks very nice on the car.
    The build quality is good, but the diameter of the LED module is larger then the opening in the car light assembly, so you need to drill a millimeter larger hole or use a file to make the hole bigger, so you can put it in place.
    They look very nice, and the price is good. With a little modification they work just fine.
  • Terrific value for automotive and landscape lighting

    posted by jpjwetal

    Terrific LED replacement for car or landscape lighting. Provides bright light for illumination where a reflector may be used to focus or direct its display. The color of the light is cool white, not blue or warm white.
    Perfect replacement for 7w incandescent bulbs in landscape lighting fixtures. Low power consumption allows for less strain on the 12v power pack and allows for additional lighting fixtures to be added.
    Very bright choice for landscape lighting. Terrific LED replacement for car or landscape lighting. Provides bright light for illumination where a reflector may be used to focus or direct its display.
  • Fully functional. Need More Software!

    posted by cesararce

    The product is well packaged. It has a good construcction and finishing. the On/Off button makes the difference with similar devices.
    Althought pairing code was not present in the device, I could still use it after reading DX.com reviews.
    Could be a little less expensive or with an additional $, include at least one full OBD application!
  • Great T10 LED Bulb

    posted by Nilsbapt

    Nice light. Very bright and powerfull. Is not bluish White, about 6000/5500ºK. just like announcedFits well and have great look. the chrome around the lens
    gests hot quickly. the chrome around the lens, besides leaving the lamp more beautiful, should serve to cool the LED board
    optimal choice for replacing incandescent T10 bulbs
  • Excellent when used for home lighting in rooms!!

    posted by psylocke7

    I have purchased around 10 of these and I have them connected to a 12V battery which is charged by a 7W 20V solar battery via a charger. It works perfectly. For a 25m2 room you need about 2x units (12w in total) for effective lighting, and if you want to have it brighter (for reading etc.) you need to use 4 units. What I like about these is they run fairly cold (±25-30'C) WITHOUT any heat sink!
    Would be nice to see a 10W or 15W version of the same thing.
    Buy a couple and play around with them, they pack a punch for 6W! and they run cold. Color is a brilliant white (no yellow or amber in the light). Perfect for a DIY LED home solar setup.
    As a test, I used a 12V rechargeable battery, charged it to 100% using a 7W 20V solar panel and charging regulator (it is a 12V 12aH sealed lead actid battery) and the 2 x LED units ran at 100% brightnedd for more than 2 days (I stopped the test after 48hrs)

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