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white button Customers Reviews

  • cheap and nice replacement

    posted by Unliten

    Its cheap, it cost a dollar or 2 more at my local store.
    The O, X, Triangle, square button looks just like the original.
    Good to have replacement.
    Might want to look somewhere else if u looking to replace the home bottom bar, it doesnt look or feel right for me, far from perfect compare to the original.
    If you have broken button and looking for something cheap, this is what u need.
  • Exactly what you are looking for

    posted by neonix

    - Great price for 6 analog nubs- Great quality, comparable to the original
    If you need em, buy em
  • Ok I guess

    posted by Jurisd

    -Looks good
    -Exact replica
    -Comes perfect condition, and it has kind of a plastic case to put your old pieces in
    -Looks awesome with transparent umd door and faceplate
    Request: Analog stick PSP slim/2000 (transparent white)
    Its ok if you have a transparent looking psp, otherwise I wouldn't advise getting. It is hard to asemble and can wreck your buttons (my square button doesn't work all to well, i need to push it down extra hard now). Same with any modding, if you want too play PSP games with good performance, stick with the original sony products, if not this is a really cool looking thing :)
  • Perfect fun gift

    posted by Josh3093

    *It covers the home button, protecting it from scratches and/or finger grease entering into the sides of itself.*It fits perfectly, even with a case (but not a thick one).
    *By pressing the home button with this little gadget, you may have a weird and funny sensation, due to the bulge that the silicone underwear counts with in the front part.
    *It looks great, it feel well; this is the perfect funny gadget to have and/or give as a present to a friend.
  • Shoulder L+R Buttons for PSP 1000

    posted by Swifty3005

    Exact like the original buttons and a great replacement. No scratches or damages at delivery. The price is unbeatable.
    You should buy it 3 times, if you repair PSPs. The buttons are better than every used. So replace it in every case :)
    If you repair PSPs it' s the best you can get. I ordered 2 sets and used them already. So buy it, if you need them ;)

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