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white 5mm Customers Reviews

  • OK

    posted by sparkyrobot

    All the LED's work, except for one row. I think this was caused by my experimenting while trying to find the pin layout. The product was probably fine. Luckily I do not need all 8 rows for my project. I intend to use this for a 2 digit display.
    I received a 16pin version.By testing I found that it was connected in the following way:Rows (+): pins 6, 2, 7, 1, 12, 8, 14, 9Cols (-): pins 16, 15, 11, 5, 10, 4, 3, 13The bottom text says:pin--45.72--0.8NL23881A
    I would but one of these again if I needed it.
  • Useful for DIY

    posted by aestrada

    Well build. Easy to fit. It is the second unit I buy. First I use it a long time ago to put more light in my trunk SW car and works flawlessly since then. Light is white and powerfull. It is water resistant but i do not use it in wet environments. It is a heavy duty item, because no one of the leds have die in more than a year, and sometimes is ligthing long time.
    Well done. Cheap . Useful. For DIY is fine.
    Useful item. Buy more than one. Worth it.
  • Muy buen led

    posted by ballentino

    The shipmet from argentina delays 15 days, this is excellent, another products delays 20 days. Includes the correct resistence for work with 12v and the best bright! 6000k color temperature, realy white! The wire it's made of a excellent quality, realy easy for welding!
    If you need leds for 12v this is the better bundle what you can buy!
    Just leds for 12v, my review no needs more info, 5 starts to this product!
  • Colored LEDs are fun

    posted by lucaspcamargo

    All of them work and are adequately bright. Voltage drop is ok. The white ones are especially bright, and thay are the only clear ones. The others are diffused, so they are perfect for indicators. It also comes in it's own little plastic case. Nice.
    Cool thing to have if you do DIY electronics. Spice up your projects with a colored led or two. And you get a nice little plastic organizer to boot.
    Go for it!
  • The Best 5mm White LED I can find anywhere.

    posted by iccyy

    My original intension was to replace burnt out LED lamps. Finding it so bright, I built a 27 (I have that much left) LED module (prototype) direct connect to Lithium Cells (3.6 to 4.2 via a 1.1 ohm resistor, voltage on LED ~ 3.5V current .85A to 1.1A, each led ~30mA max.) See the attached photos on brightness comparison with 9 watts compact fluorescence bulb, and sku01476, 36 led AC 110V E27 screw type bulb .
    I will use the following space to describe how to waste away your precious time and money on DX stuffs….
    1 On Microsoft words or equivalent, draw circles of 5mm, copy and past to line then up nicely. ‘Group’ them together as 1 object and copy and past them to make a page full of circle. The on top of it draw the circle, or square, or heart-shop whatever template.
    Print it out and cut out the template. (Note, some printer rolls the paper so hard that it underfeed a little each time paper advances, the dimension of circle and spacing are compressed. Only a problem if you intend to pack the LED’s shoulder to shoulder, check out.
    2 . Lightly glue it to a microwave paper backing, this is the thin aluminum painted paper that ensure even heating of food, yes comes with microwavable breads and the like. (Sometime thin aluminum sheet is used. I found coated paper easier to work on.)
    3. Punch the circle out where led will be placed using hole puncher, similar to the one bus conductor use. The one I used is for punching hole on leather belt, choose the right size obviously.
    By the way, these LED’s are rated at 20mA (I figured, but OK to run it up to 40mA and NO more if you want to last longer. With Lithium cell of 4.2 volt through a 1.1 ohms resistor, it runs 30 LED’s at 900mA, 30mA each LED max. A good 4 watt module you would say.
    Alternatively, make a thin paper (to be torn away) template with circles shoulder to shoulder.
    Fill the holes gently with LED bulbs, be sure to align the + and - nicely, and use super glue to joint them, (without saying, don't glue your fingers together with it; use those poly-finger glove or anything).
    I may post photos later on a ‘lamp’ module for my cute table top tilt-able flashlight. It’s so cute but drains batter bad!
    Of course, you can use template of long rectable as sheets of light for under the car lighting, or in tight places. how about a wall of light sheet, dimmable.
    And IR? And UV (for partying those UV reflecter decorations.),
    Keep your children, or overgrown excited, to take them away from excessive internet use and game addiction, or to work their brain out for something more useful and intresting. ;P

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