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white 12v car Customers Reviews

  • very very good product

    posted by fredbussunda

    Product of great quality, well packaged.lack a bit more informations about these products. could have even more photos. I really liked. good price, quality and delivery.
    Could have more informations about this type of product on the site.
    Product of great quality, well packaged.lack a bit more informations about these products. could have even more photos. I really liked. good price, quality and delivery.
  • Good product

    posted by Burnovip

    Comes with protective plastic, there are no risks in shipment.Product arrives between 3 or 4 weeks but it worht it because the price, here in my country the price is much higher.Seems work like anothers more expensive.
    The cables looks nice and secure
    recommendable if you want a car with a lot of visibility for a low price, also I feel more secure in nights.works in my peugeot 206
  • Very Good for Kitchen Lights

    posted by immetjes

    Relative warm colour. warmer than SKU 51269 LED G4 Lights.
    Use much less electricity than G4 10W Halogen
    I tried SKU 51269 108 Lumen LED lights to replace my halogen G4 10W lights. These were too bright and too blueish, the kitchen looked like a bit like there where fluorescent tubes installed, not bad but also not comfortable. These SKU 58298 LEDs are much better and are perfect (in my opinion) to place underneath kitchen cupboards.
    I use four (4) of them driven by a 12V 1,5A max. 18 Watt (min. 0W) IP67 transformer.
    Bare in mind that when you replace the G4 halogens by LEDs you loose the typical spot light of the halogen (+reflector). This is replaced by a more gradient type of light, which I actually like more.
    Very good and warm colour. Not too bright, perfect for the kitchen. I have also upped a picture of my kitchen with these LEDs. I have tried to equal the luminance level of the kitchen as I see it with the picture.
    I'm not sure about durability, but the lights looked ok.
    (I'm Dutch by the way).
  • Great bright white festoon leds!

    posted by BMW318TI

    -The price is very good for these two leds!
    -The leds are very bright it's almost to bright it hurts your eyes haha.
    -The leds unit has a great big beam angle.
    -Less power consumption and longer lifetime.
    -The leds unit is very builded and I love the included converters.
    Also the unit is made of metal so it will stay cool when it's working.
    Overall great product if you want more light in your car or at your license plate.
  • Good Product

    posted by chrisp83

    Works well. Good brightness. I used these for my number plate lights on the rear of my car. Far brighter than standard bulb, and also gives a very newish sort of look to the rear of my car.They were a direct fit, so no modifications were required. So 10 points for ease of installation.I have had them in my car for just over a week now, and have no complaints thus far.
    Had to adjust/straighten the metal contacts a bit to get the bulb to fit in the socket properly. Aside from that, no issues.
    Good product. I expect to purchase more shortly for my other vehicles.

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