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  • Handy tool

    posted by kushNhitz

    The fire steel works great and the whistle is really louder than I expected. The clip is from good plastic and does not feel like it is going to break from a little usage.
    Maybe it would be handy to inform the customers about the strength of the rope, I have no clue what I could use the rope for and in an emergency survival situation one time fail might be one time too much.
    For the price a nice and good looking "para"cord-bracelet with handy survival tools that work when needed. Would not trust the rope with too much weight/stress since it is obviously not real paracord
  • Its a cheap and effective product

    posted by KYP123

    Basically, just press the blue stud at the end against the window to compress a spring in the mechanism. Continue pressing to a point where it sping back and a pointed hammer will hit the glass. I am not sure if the impact will break car window - I wouldn't try it on my car. It cause a pin size ~0.3mm deep dent on my wall when I tried it.
    If the company can make it into a multi tool (with pen knife, saw, scissor etc) - it would be great!!!
    Great buy. Will bring it along everytime I travel.
  • Great darts, great price.

    posted by king79we

    They are just like the original ones, but cheaper. The fly further and faster than other alternative brand darts and even more accurate.
    Here in Argentina the are one quarter the price of the originals and they are just as good. I'm thinkin, glow in the dark darts would be a great idea.
    Nerf guns (most of them) come with only three darts, buy these ones. And engage war against your kids, wife, neighbour etc.
  • Little and cheap adapter with 32GB support

    posted by Mozgoed

    + Easy to use. Just plug microSD (TF) card and enjoy it;+ It supports 32 GB TF card capacity. I think for now it is common trend, but some of others do not support this capacity.+ It is small and I can carry it with myself everywhere.+ Reading and writing speed is high as my microSD card support.+ Red color lets me find it in my bag.
    There is nothing to discuss. The main thing is the functionality.
    If I need to buy another one, I will buy it without hesitation.
  • Need some fire?

    posted by White885544

    Can start a fire, and when you learn few tricks it gets better...Whistle can also be useful for calling your wife to bring you beer. lolOutdoor is made for this baby and i have 4 pcs
    Handy for camping, tracking, climbing etcof course if you stop and lite a fire, and everyone needs a good fire
    Good thing to have, even if it means just to show off

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