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  • THIS IS ONE BAD MUTHTA .......( shut your mouth!).

    posted by mrninja

    -Magnesium rod is 1/2' dia, 1 7/8' length-It throws huge, fat sparks!-Storage handle, incorporates a tiny signal mirror at the pull out base. Store a Wetfire Cube/ fire starter material?
    First off, I replaced the shoestring with 550 paracord. Feels more secure, looks better too boot! Left the plastic covering the tiny signal mirror on. It will protect from scratches. Wished DX just sold the firestarter by it self? Probably save a couple of dollars! Whistles and strikers are inexpensive as is?
    This isn't a bad copy of the (cough) Strike Force (cough)! Always wanted to purchase one, but it was way too much $$$. Bought this and purchased some Wetfire cubes. This is a better deal IMO. ;P
  • Need some fire?

    posted by White885544

    Can start a fire, and when you learn few tricks it gets better...Whistle can also be useful for calling your wife to bring you beer. lolOutdoor is made for this baby and i have 4 pcs
    Handy for camping, tracking, climbing etcof course if you stop and lite a fire, and everyone needs a good fire
    Good thing to have, even if it means just to show off
  • good

    posted by madmax00x

    beautiful bracelet made very well ... it's also fashionable latelyand very useful as a bracelet ... it's not like those bracelets without meaning or utility ...with this if you need 3 feet of rope and the dissolution have 3 feet of rope at your disposal ....in the external link of the rope there are other 7 wires thinner excellent sewing or fishing ... can also be used as dental floss ...: D
    really recommend to all ... three feet of rope can always be useful to tie ... something ... sewing ... fishing ...
  • Wilderness Survival Tool 3-in-1 Fire Sparkle Flint + Compass + Whistle - Bl

    posted by RenatoJorge

    I never used this, but it looks solidthe plastic thing is good to hold everything bether. I bought to a boy scout that told me that in portugal this kind of things are very expensive. The price is very good comparing to what he told me the prices are in herea good soft cord, good for the toucheverything looks really nice and well made.good whistle, a loud soundcompass works, it is a bit small, but in a small thing like this it could not be bigger
    a great idea to use the sparkle and the cutter with only one device. Frees one and to hold something near the sparkles
    buy it if you need this kind of things
  • Ideal for gift

    posted by huguinin

    I bought like this for the price and is an ideal gift. I tried it and does very good spark. materials appear to be solid but is not too convinced with the quality of sibato, I think there is a fault. I hope this article provide all my children and we left pretty fishing, hunting and backpacking. is essential to have.


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