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  • Awesome device if you like your hair short.

    posted by Arefiev

    - Looks and feels solid. Also looks very professional.- Can be gripped firmly, does not slip out of your hand.- Works long enough to cut your hair with one charge (usually: see Cons below).- Does not cut your skin even if you use it dangerously (upside down, near ears etc).- Blades are sharp and show no sign of dulling even after multiple haircuts.- Can be plugged in for longer haircuts.
    Very economic. Hair clipper haircut in a barber shop costs about 10 USD in my city. The device had already paid for itself multiple times, and will save me a few hundred bucks in the following years if it doesn't break.
    Great appliance if you like to always look neat and tidy but don't enjoy going to barber shop every week to leave $10 for what you can trivially do yourself at home with this device.
  • good quality, worth buying

    posted by MariusUltimus

    - the case is very well done, the packaging also neat- quality materials used- the powder looks good, although the colour is quite bright- also the mirror is usable, not made from cheap reflecting plastic
    - i am not an expert, since as a guy i don't use such products. however, my girlfriend seemed quite satisfied with the product- i have no idea about the pricing for items like this one, so i'll just say the price is good
    - worth the purchase, recommended.
  • Excellent

    posted by adokiki

    the item is as advertised. less noise, very efficient. i got this item because i bought a new car. i wanted it mainly for cleaning of dirt in the car, and it did the job excellently. the length of the cable is sufficient enough to get dirt out of every corner of the car. thank you dx.com for this item i love it so so much.
    it should have an AC to DC adapter so one can use it at home for cleaning.
    Excellent Excellent..................................
  • Beautiful but very delicate

    posted by IsisN

    It’s really elegant and functional and a great idea for women who like to wear make-up everyday. The finish is not sticky, on the contrary, it runs smoothly on your skin and it never clumps, not even if you get a little sweaty. The powder seems to be really good quality, it smells wonderful and the heart shape is cute and it is really light and fun.
    I have bought this item twice; the first time I only bought one and it arrived perfectly, but the second time I bought in bulk and 2 out of 3 arrived completely dusty and practically useless. It’s a shame since it is not a problem of the product but of the delivery.
    I don’t really know, perhaps buy it per unit may secure you receive this wonderful product in one piece so that you can actually use it.
  • Great portable Vacuum

    posted by JyBer

    Very powerfull for the small format. Filter easy to clean. One of the rare portable vacuum you can connect directly (w/o battery that wear out).The format offered is very practical.
    Would be nice if they offered a mounting bracket (for RV or Boats).
    A great product for those looking for a Portable Handheld Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner that hooks up directly in the 12vdc power source.


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