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weight scale Customers Reviews

  • Perfekt for calibration

    posted by Helgoland

    This tiny little weight just 5grams of weight is perfect for people who need weighing small thing like rocks and diamonds. It's precise, professional and makes you digital scale show the weight it should be.
    If you have a scale, you should have this weight.You will know what you have, and you will be more confident as a salesman of the products you may sell using it.
    Great product I will recommend to everyone considering to buy it.
  • very nice

    posted by MarDX

    it wonderfully fits in the bathroom, decorating a washing machine while not in use, and not get in the way. it looks very nice and is easy in use.
    for me the accuracy is not as important as the aesthetic quality because my weight is stable enough over the years. and I really like the compactness of this scale.
    quite happy with this purchase.
  • yeah right

    posted by SrPessoa

    Nice build quality.
    Easy to clean.
    Better than I expected. In mine the accuracy error is of less than 1%.
    It got easier to control the amount of the dog's food after that
    Good scale. Not so big, can easily shop with it and use in a day-to-day measurement tool in the kitchen.
  • weight measure

    posted by Witzz

    Most simple and useful device for home. Great LCD screen, 40kg max is more than enough for home users
    I use it for fishing, it's small to fit my pocket and 40kg is more than enough for recreational fishing measure. 10g resolution is ok for weighting fish, because it isn't stable weight, so i can tolerate those 10g
    Helpful for fisherman and everyone who need weight but not to correct. It is digital but can't be compared to real digital scale.
  • Great accuracy tool for a low price

    posted by nukenik

    If you're picking up a 100 gram digital scale, this is a very nice addition. There's something just plain cool about knowing you're on the mark in your measurements. If nothing else, it makes you look like you know what you're doing! ;)
    Calibration is easy (even with poorly translated documentation). Just be sure you have the exact weight for your scale. That's why I purchased a 100 gram scale. It's sufficient for weighing coins, and convenient for calibration with one 100 gram weight.
    The measure of successful measurement! If you're getting a small scale, why not KNOW you're hitting the mark? Well worth the extra price of a few dollars... and again... fun.

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