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weight max scale Customers Reviews

  • Very useful

    posted by fixer

    Quite well build. Strong and compact but looks brutal )). Weight of this scale is only 107.5g. Fully fits in the palm of my hand (in length). Comes with two AAA batteries that lasts for me more then one year and counting… (occasional use). Easy-opened battery bay (in mine unit). Also quite well build inside (PCB). Nice blue screen, with bright clear numbers. Precision is more than needed for farm market shopping or home use (just do not try measure the diamonds with it) ))). With several unit types (kilograms, pounds (US), ounces (US) and JIN (chinese, I guess)), so you can do a simple mass conversions for no reason (or even for research purposes)! I'm joking.
    Worth of it's money even at DX. I'll buy more for mates (good for occasional gifts etc.). And will buy HERE again.
    You can save some money in "not fair trade" places (I do) or not to pay extra fees in airport for overloaded luggage (I'm not). Three stars for price (I'm try to play fear), but in spite of this the overall rating is ?????.
  • Grig

    posted by Grig1

    I very much liked this product. The convenient handle for deduction. Automatic illumination of a scale. There are two modes of preservation of the indications. One mode of memory. The indications correspond(meet) to the declared accuracy.
    The given product deserves attention. I think they are the optimum compromise between the price and the quality: buy this if you need something not too expensive.
    Good product for real money. I recommend to buy.
  • Cheap & Works

    posted by FernandoItuo

    Very cheap hook scale. I have been used in every trip that I do.
    Your size is ideal for put in a bag, lightweight.
    Hook it is very good because it does not hurt his hand, like other models do.
    messages on LCD display are easy to read.
  • very useful pocket scale

    posted by mvkprj

    The package contains the scale, and a CR2032 button cell. No user manual, but is printed on the cover of the package in Chinese (not sure which script). Being made of plastic was doubtful to hold a weight of 15 Kg. but it is well built. Good accuracy and resolution for normal usage. Compact and can carry in the pocket to the field. It is what it says.
    Multi-language user manual would be great.
    A good buy for measuring items on the move. Light weight, small and practical. Totally worth the buy. Replacing my rusty pocket spring balance.
  • Nice and good quality

    posted by ragukj

    Good deal - good pricef or this attractive, strong device. Blue light makes it more friendly.Useful to weight luggages and other things. Good to have it at home. It exxeded my expectations.Big beautiful display. Quality is good. Reliable and accurate.
    Attractive construction. Suggest everybodywho needs a good Digital Electronic Weighting Hook
    Device works great. I am very happy with it. I suggest you to buy it.

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