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  • Chunky and different... not for everyone, but I love it

    posted by dg0

    It really doesn't look like a watch ... more like a high quality chunky wrist-band. Let's face it, it's not the easiest way to tell the time... but if you have all your other timekeeping functions in your smartphone, it's a watch that is a status symbol for geeks - and a cheap one at that. Mine is running a little bit fast, but basically a good time-keeper.
    Easy to use - provided that you seek the enjoyment of binary-to-decimal conversion every time you want to know the time.It's heavy... so if you don't like chunky, move on.
    By far the best looking and least toy-like binary watch that I've seen.
  • One OK the other not water resistant

    posted by dinosd

    Very good style and lightweight for kids.Easy to setup.Helps kids to learn the time.The wrist is more than fine.The manual is very good.Carrying box is good for avoiding damages.It came in less that 20 working days in Greece.
    The mechanism is very simple but it worth.Do not expect to have it for your rest of your life.
    I suggest this for kids 100%.It is a very good choice for making your kids happy.
  • Great watch for the price.

    posted by jason2025

    This is a great looking watch which looks even better that the pictures, even my girlfriend noticed it when I had it on. Buttons work well and the back light is even and very readable in the dark. I also really appreciate how, unlike some other watches I have, easy it is to set the time and access features like the alarm. The luminescent hands are a plus too.The strap is solid and seems like it will hold up well.
    I bought it as a cheap watch to wear to the pool but I have been wearing it daily since I got it, and I have some very expensive watches!
    This is a great watch at a great price, I may order another!
  • very cheap watch

    posted by laikos911

    very good product that works very wellthe buttons are easy to press and it is very handy to have a button that puts a light on.You can set a alarm and there is a stopwatch in the watch. The bracelet is also very robust!
    the product works very well and still after a few months! the price is very good
    after all a very good product for a cheap price that I would recommend to my friends
  • Great Watch but the LED doesn't stay on very long

    posted by PRIME0009

    This watch is very stylish, It has a professional look to it just like most metal band watches. It looks very snazzy and the LED lights are a very cool and interesting way to show the time. It is not too costly, very good price for what you get and overall, It's a nice buy.
    Like i previously mentioned before, this watch is great, fancy, different and the only thing it needs is a longer show time.
    Great watch. I would recommend anyone to buy it because its less than 20 bucks, seems to be pretty tough and it's the kind of watch that people would categorize as "unique and cool". I love it:)

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