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  • Good Acquisition / Boa Aquisição

    posted by mspinheiro

    It works fine, including at night and with rain. The image quality is satisfactory but needs a monitor with good quality. A common TV 20" is enough. Avoid to install the receptor behind many walls or other obstacles.Funciona bem, inclusive à noite e com chuva. A qualidade da imagem é satisfatória mas precisa de um monitor com boa qualidade. Uma TV comum de 20" é suficiente. Evite instalar o receptor atrás de muitas paredes ou outros obstáculos.
    These cameras can be used together with a interphone, so you can see who are in front of the door, talk with the person and open the door remotely. My idea is to combine real cameras with false cameras.Estas câmeras podem ser utilizadas junto com um interfone, então você pode ver quem está à frente da porta, conversar com a pessoa e abrir a porta remotamente. Minha idéia é combinar câmeras reais com câmeras falsas.
    I believe you will get a product that will attend the necessities. DX.com has a good price and I didn't see better price in other places.I recommend install this equipment by qualified people.Eu acredito que você irá adquirir um produto que atenderá as necessidades. DX.com tem um bom preço e eu não vi melhor preço em outros lugares. Recomendo instalar este equipamento por pessoas qualificadas.
  • I use this camara for my skyline webcam

    posted by luismiparra

    Easy to use. Infrared panel easily removable. Good quality night vision. Good finished product.
    You can see the cam working at www.redparra.com/webcam.html (no spam, is the real skyline url)
    Currently use the camera to a skyline and the result is pretty good. I miss the ability to disable black and white mode in order to make conlor night vision
    Good value for money.
  • nice camera

    posted by tinekristan

    Good built, quiet good picture quality, very sharp picture, ir is very strong, at night you see objects 20m far with no problem.
    The sheeld reflects ir light back to camera and lowers quality of the picture at night.I removed it on mine for better picture.Strong ir reflects close objects too much, you need to use this camera at least 5-6m away for night face recognition.
    i would recomend, good buy
  • excellent image

    posted by [email protected]

    This camera is great, her image is perfect, his night vision lets you see everything that happens on a large angle. The best I have ever seen, its aluminum housing protects against rain, sun and all day to day. Coupled with a DVR is perfect.
    I plugged this camera into a DVR and have the best picture day and night in high definition on a screen of 32" the picture is very clear and I can get the best angle and you can see what the camera is far, what differentiates this other conventional camera.
    Want a great picture in your security system? Buy this product that surely will not regret it.
  • Nice video

    posted by samuelpenha

    For the low resolution of the camera the image is very nice - the night vision is also pretty satisfactory.Nice assemblage, resistent material (I think it's alluminium). Good overall impression.
    Nice cost x benefits. I left on sun and rain and it works fine in these environment.
    I do recommend this camera - I myself intend to buy other to complete my system.

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