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waterproof strap Customers Reviews

  • Bright light

    posted by biotoxgen

    A good flashlight, high quality parts. Sits well in the hand. Made of aluminum or what that alloy. Heavy, despite the fact that is small in size. Rough surface so sits well in the hand is placed in the middle palm. With good batteries - shines very brightly!
    This model of the flashlight is suitable for those who need a little handy flashlight for lighting at home or outside the home. It is also suitable for illuminating dark hard to reach places, because he's very good in the hand.
    Given the low price, this is a great buy.
  • Works good

    posted by Maanloper

    Bag seems to be truly waterproof according to where I use it for, usually kitesurfing or normal surfing. Big enough to fit my phone plus public transport card and some paper money.
    Always be carefull when putting your phone in, if you damage the closing mechanism, it is not waterproof anymore. Better take 5 seconds longer than having a useless plastic bag :p
    Does what it is supposed to do and for a very good price as well. Buy it, you won't regret it.
  • Waterproof Plastic Box

    posted by MTown

    Nice big box to keep your flashlight or other delicate camping gear. Price is fine compaired to it's size and quality. there is foam in both lits, up and down. There is a cord attached which is usefull for hanging it outside your backpack so you can easilly grab it.
    I really like this box, it would be nice if DX could offer them in more colors than green.
    Overal a great product for a great price, I'm buying more as we speak for me and to give to friends.
  • Good to protect your valuable phone and other stuff

    posted by Mozesk

    Cheap, good enough I think. Good to use for outdoor actions. Great for use on the beach too. Great protection against sand and dust while off roading.
    Just used it on the boat and beach. Wouldn't submerge my phone in it for a long while because it is not really certified and guaranteed
    Good protection for a good price
  • Easy waterproof coversion for your camera

    posted by shaggylish2

    Instead you buy a very expensive waterproof camera, or a specific case for your model, if there exist, you can buy this universal case for your current camera.It keeps your camera safe and dry, and is still easy to use the buttons.Also if you use in deep water, the strap will help to keep your camera with you.
    Very useful to start with the underwater photos, and it works with al normal-size cameras.

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