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waterproof protective case Customers Reviews

  • Protects well, very worthy bundled pack

    posted by feiru

    Silicone case gives much better protection than plastic, due to its softer and more shock absorbant nature. I dropped my iPhone5 once, and thanks to this casing, nothing happened to the phone. The case protects all the edges and corners, no exposed areas except for the front glass panel, which is also protected by the film. If you for protection, this will be it. The waterproof pouch is very useful for use in sports (put into it before placing into my running pouch). Overall a good buy.
    I personally like the better protection offered by silicone material, but dislike its extra dimension which makes the phone more bulky. Unfortunately cannot find a balance between the two.
    Overall a very good buy, for people who want protection for their iPhone5. Aesthetic wise, due to silicone material, it is a little bulky and does not give justice to the new sleek looking iPhone though.
  • practical

    posted by AlainLeys

    very easy to open and close the case,side and back of casing is very strong and fully waterproof,nice shae of case.
    I'm curious about stenght of front coverprotection ,this is a flexible special plastic foil,thats placed into the front part of the housing and is made leakfree by a ruber seal,this is all very good,and the mateial certainly,but i only wonder if the plastic foil will be really that goo,if so excellent product
    Nice,simple to use well thought design and construction,very light and easy to use.
  • clean and neat cover

    posted by dawila

    the clear parts are the best, they look clean and neat. the white hazy back looks excellent too. it's so cheap and good for it's price.
    it's little bit hard on putting the case on the iphone but it's easy to take it off. it's a fair deal.
    you get what you pay. for power user, i think it's an OK stuff since the price is this low. The waterproof case looks good.
  • Cheap & Good Case

    posted by mikerbt

    - It is a very robust case, you can use it underwater and in bad weather conditions (I bought it to film underwater and in the rain)- You can use your phone via the silicon skin while it is in the case (Underwater it responds not that well)- The casing protects your phone from impacts, dust and snow.- You can use this case for diving, but not lower then 3 meters.
    - Before you use this case with your phone, test it with a piece of paper if it is really waterproof. (As stated in the manual)- You can also use it as an protective case for heavy impacts (but I think you should only use it for the waterproof part, because when you break the case it would not be waterproof anymore)- The silicon skin is not suitable for heavy impacts and sharp objects so I recommend to use it only for the waterproof part.
    Good product it works really well, but you should also be careful when using it. I think it could be a little bit cheaper, but it is still a good price.
  • great product, great price

    posted by gyxter

    Fits very well with my note 2 and also with my galaxy s4. The strapband that comes with it is really useful in both wet and dry scenarios.
    Nice to use as sports armband when jogging and as waterproof bag when swimming. Have not tried fully submerging the bag with the phone inside under water. But will try soon when I hit the beach
    recommended for active users who depend on their smartphones like note 2 and other similar sized phones.


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