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waterproof led driver

You will be surprised our best waterproof led driver with an artful design and an amazing price. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. You can also browse the mr16 led driver, led current driver, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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waterproof led driver Customers Reviews

  • This driver is not 680mA

    posted by whorled

    It is relatively inexpensive.It is small and light.It is waterproof.The wiring not too thin.It comes with a connector on the dc side.
    The DX listing for this product shows "Waterproof 680mA 3W Power Constant Current Source LED Driver ".The label on the driver has no output current shown, only "Output 1x3w"
    Came here expecting this driver to be suitable for power testing single 3w leds at 680mA. The driver only delivered 540mA into a single 3w led. It was tested with several different single leds: 2.5v red 660nm 3w leds, 3.5v blue 450nm 3w leds, and 3.7v warm white 3w leds. Multimeter showed each one receiving only 540mA.Left disappointed.
  • Cheap, works great, does what it says.

    posted by Belcat

    - This driver puts out 0.97A when driving 3 x 10W LedEngin. The power usage was 31.6W by the LEDs, and 32.6W by the driver. Seems pretty efficient to me!- I've also used it to drive 7 Cree XPG warm white LEDs, very bright!- The driver runs cool, expected this with the readings above.- Easier to organize one big driver than to have tons of smaller ones all over the place.- Price was cheaper than many places I checked, and quality seems to be just good.
    - Not sure what the yellow wire is on the supply side. Probably ground, but I did not check.- Did not check if it was waterproof.- Running tests off 120V 60 Hz, using a Watts Up! module for the LED side and a Kill-A-Watt P3 meter on the AC side.
    - If you need to drive 9-10 LEDs at 1A, get this driver! It'll save you a lot of soldering a bunch of the other tiny drivers out there.
  • Quality 10W LED driver

    posted by damyano

    I`m very satisfied with the quality of this product ! Really it is water protected, and it can be installed in the cover of the aquarium, I`m using it to rune one of these leds: SKU: 152367. Heat, but not much. Really fast shipping. It is wired, and has a label, so it is impossible to go wrong with the connection. The wires are not thin, and are plated, which is very comfortable for
    Worth it`s money, and i will order much of them for my aquarium lighting.
    Cheap, quality and reliable LED driver. I`m satisfied.
  • Does what it is expected to

    posted by Alshevts

    Working as it should. Quality is fine. Robust metal housing. Analogs at my local reseller are much more expensive. Nice and compact waterproof led power source. You can courageously mount it in bathroom, kitchen, outdoor, in the basement, garage and wherever there is a possibility of moisture penetration. What else should be said?
    Also it comes with nice 2-pin connector, which is not stated in the description
    A good choice if you need such a power source
  • Good Driver BUTTTTTT....

    posted by Goonylex

    I bought 5 at onceGood DriverWaterproof is always a plusThis driver is actually smaller than the 1W led 320ma driver which is a plusIt is a better colour than the one in the picture
    not impressed at all with broken parts manly due to bad packingWas impressed with delivery time though, I recieved it in about a week which was suprising since it usually always takes about 3 weeks to arrive
    Good driverGood Price could be a bit lower but at this time you will not find a cheaper waterproof oneIf all my drivers arrived in one piece i would give it 4-5 starsI gave a lower rating on usefullnes because it is less usefull without those screw holders

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