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waterproof led bulb

Purchase the latest waterproof led bulb with wonderful pricing Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. View more by looking at led spotlight bulb, t10 led bulb. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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waterproof led bulb Customers Reviews

  • Very Bright. Excellent light for any aquarium.

    posted by fauxalliance

    Very bright white spot light to highlight aquariums.Encourages plant growth and fish health. Low power consumption for high lumen output.Power connection is convenient to use and easy to replace.Works in North America with simple flat-pin power plug adapter. Item 221863.
    Adds beautiful highlights to planted aquarium.Daylight color temperature to help fish and plant health.
    Excellent addition for any aquarium. Works anywhere, with low voltage power supply.Easy convert for use in North America.Cheaper and brighter then expensive light at hobby shop.
  • cheap fluorescent lights

    posted by motakuji2000

    cheap LED lights for cars
    parts fit snugly together
    it seems that the light bulb really waterproof, but in any case recommend to fluff the sealant
    easy to install
    LED lamps are very cheap
    If you need to go to the lamps on and do not want to expend much energy your car, this option would suit you
    but I do not recommend installing them in expensive cars
  • great price

    posted by fegafa

    good light output, i cant say if you have the 1000 lumens, but in comparision with a 55W H7 halogen bulb of my motorcycle, is like 70% of the light of the halogen h7 55w bulb. very focused concentrated beam. white light.
    no other thoughts, very good product, almost no cons. i didint try it in rain yet, but it looks very good sealed.
    good price. always very good service from dx. 2 and a half months to get to brazil. but it worth it.
  • Nice to makes Light FX!

    posted by PROCALIBER

    BLAH! What a stupid way to put this under
    the hull of a car, like that benthonics fishes
    looking for food dipped under the salty mud!
    I ordered many, to makes some nice night
    thinny light FX on my house, at the front
    garden, under the bar of the garage door
    and on backyard, to put a nice mood on it.
    Nice to clever users wich will discover
    many other uses than a ridiculous car,
    this devouring gas dinossaurs coming
    from the past, wich are UNNACEPTABLE!
    By MANY, to develope some permafrost
    skills that you even dream that you get
    on hands and starts to workout your brain!

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