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waterproof iphone case

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waterproof iphone case Customers Reviews

  • Yes, it is waterproof!

    posted by MarcWdutch

    Before using it on my Iphone, I tested the case in a bucket of water for a full day. Next day i took it out and not a single drop was in the case. Next day i tested it with Iphone while swimming, all worked fine, no water inside at all. All functions and buttons are still operational when using the case. For charging you just need te open a port at the bottom. So you cannot charge the phone underwater, but who needs that ;-)
    Good case, does what it promises, well designed, easy to use, suitable for swimming. Shame that the sound and microphone are blocked a little by the casing.
    apart from the sound issues a perfect solution for your survival holidays or sailing days.

    posted by roneve

    Item arrived well packed all parts are seperated so you can see what goes where very easy, looks very nice to the phone seats inside the housing very easy and secureand is is well sealed when all around is tightened
    Appropriate labaling will clarify thing up,An adult strength is needed to close and tighten the cover
    all in all seems like a great item looks
  • Works good

    posted by Maanloper

    Bag seems to be truly waterproof according to where I use it for, usually kitesurfing or normal surfing. Big enough to fit my phone plus public transport card and some paper money.
    Always be carefull when putting your phone in, if you damage the closing mechanism, it is not waterproof anymore. Better take 5 seconds longer than having a useless plastic bag :p
    Does what it is supposed to do and for a very good price as well. Buy it, you won't regret it.
  • practical

    posted by AlainLeys

    very easy to open and close the case,side and back of casing is very strong and fully waterproof,nice shae of case.
    I'm curious about stenght of front coverprotection ,this is a flexible special plastic foil,thats placed into the front part of the housing and is made leakfree by a ruber seal,this is all very good,and the mateial certainly,but i only wonder if the plastic foil will be really that goo,if so excellent product
    Nice,simple to use well thought design and construction,very light and easy to use.
  • clean and neat cover

    posted by dawila

    the clear parts are the best, they look clean and neat. the white hazy back looks excellent too. it's so cheap and good for it's price.
    it's little bit hard on putting the case on the iphone but it's easy to take it off. it's a fair deal.
    you get what you pay. for power user, i think it's an OK stuff since the price is this low. The waterproof case looks good.

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