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waterproof digital camera case

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase waterproof digital camera case here and you can save money at the same time. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

waterproof digital camera case Customers Reviews

  • Good for smart phones

    posted by bwalter

    Easy to use closure, clear plastic, compact size. Touch screen works fine through the plastic.
    Fits my mom's Nexus S and my Galaxy Nexus nicely. I was worried it might be a bit small since it looked like there wasn't much room to spare with an iPhone. Based on the dimensions I decided to give it a try and it fit nicely.
    Good waterproof bag with easy to operate closure that will fit most reasonably sized smart phones.
  • Easy waterproof coversion for your camera

    posted by shaggylish2

    Instead you buy a very expensive waterproof camera, or a specific case for your model, if there exist, you can buy this universal case for your current camera.It keeps your camera safe and dry, and is still easy to use the buttons.Also if you use in deep water, the strap will help to keep your camera with you.
    Very useful to start with the underwater photos, and it works with al normal-size cameras.
  • A good way to protect things

    posted by Hafiz1

    - Materials are OK, plastic is thin enough so that it is possible to operate through it
    - Large enough, needed one for my GPS handheld, and it fits perfectly
    - Price is not that bad
    - Neutral colour
    - Adjustable neck strap
    All in all, this product is worth its price. I would definitely buy more of these, they are thin enough (unlike my old one) and protective. Very easy to use and very necessary when hiking, camping, sporting, canoeing, geocaching etc...
  • Good protection for your gadgets

    posted by cyclist

    It seem good quality and seals very well.Double zip lock and then roll over makes sure no water is going to get in at all.Very cheap way to protect your gadgets.
    The width off the item that will fit in is around 50mm and length around 110/120mm, but that all depends on how thick the item is.
    Definitely worth buying to protect your gadgets if they might be getting wet.You may need to get a bigger one than you think.
  • Not the unit I have ordered

    posted by cybereyes

    Well built, plastic doesnt look too cheap, box is well sealed.
    I was going to write review that will give this product single star, but since that was not the problem with product, but with description on dx.com, I decided not to. When I was buying this, it said that it can hold 8 SDHC cards, which is false since they cant fit.
    Nice box for storing your cards that looks well sealed and waterproof, though I wouldnt test it by dropping it into pool or something, but I might try it just for fun, since this one will not suit my needs at all.

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