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  • very good driver

    posted by LeatherfaceNL

    its a very good LED driver.
    bought 3 but only needed 2 but later had to replace an older one that died (other brand and quality and more expensive)
    these run longer than the original expensive ones.
    and its even running 32 x 1w powerleds.
    it was a lil gamble because it says 21-30 leds but seems to work out perfect.
    its easy to install and connect.no extra work needed.
    shes running nice n smooth already a long time.
    its not running hot,the 32 leds burn just as bright as the 30 on the other one(at least i dont see the diffrence)
    one word GOOD stuff
    wish i bought more because all my original expensve ones are dieing.
    i need another one like this.
    great driver! if your planning to power up some 1w/300-350mA powerleds.(in between 21-30 ofcourse).. its a must have
  • This driver is not 680mA

    posted by whorled

    It is relatively inexpensive.It is small and light.It is waterproof.The wiring not too thin.It comes with a connector on the dc side.
    The DX listing for this product shows "Waterproof 680mA 3W Power Constant Current Source LED Driver ".The label on the driver has no output current shown, only "Output 1x3w"
    Came here expecting this driver to be suitable for power testing single 3w leds at 680mA. The driver only delivered 540mA into a single 3w led. It was tested with several different single leds: 2.5v red 660nm 3w leds, 3.5v blue 450nm 3w leds, and 3.7v warm white 3w leds. Multimeter showed each one receiving only 540mA.Left disappointed.
  • Good LED Driver but little bit too expensive

    posted by logologo

    Very easy to use. no problems so far.it works with less than 30V.Input: 105mA 234V = 24,57WOutput: 1,016A const. 23,62V =24Wefficiency: 97,67%temperature after 2h: 36°C
    a little bit to expensive. it could be 3$ cheaper.it do not work with 12V output.tested with 2x CREE MK-R LED.please make shure your driver is cooled down when you use it. do not overheat and it will work perfektly.
    all over. a good LED Driver. i will buy it twice or more if my LED works as i want it to work ;-)
  • Good, but lower power then indicated

    posted by ethgkk

    Relatively small, cheap equipment with an acceptable build quality.
    It has a noticeable delay, like 0.3 - 0.5 s when you switch it on due to the built in capacitor.
    I have built 4 lamps at home using these and 6-8 PCS of 1W Power Leds. So far everything is working as expected.
    Just have ordered the bigger brother: SKU 81770 for more power.
  • Works as it should

    posted by beanhed

    Small, cheap, waterproof and appears to be a solid build.
    Sometimes I think of covering myself in whipped cream whilst naked and walking down the street singing happy birthday.
    I originally bought one to test out for replacing under cabinet lighting my kitchen as the replacement florescent tubes for the existing lights cost a lot more than one of these and a reel of 50 SMD LED's. After a few months I bought another 4 to replace the others when the florescent tubes go. two have been in constant use for over a year and so far no problems.

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