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waterproof case housing

Purchase the latest waterproof case housing with wonderful pricing At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. You can find what you want at dry case waterproof, transparent waterproof case. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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waterproof case housing Customers Reviews

  • Testing iphone4 waterproof case from Dealextreme

    posted by tonicarb

    good quality.After diving, keeps your iphone absolutely dry inside.protects against water, dust and sandGreat underwater videos with video and audio too
    Maybe using some kind of screen protection you can use it for underwater pics, but in my case, after a lot of trials only one picture was taken.
    Nice product!Feel safe with your iphone on a boat, hiking or snorkeling
  • Good but have some problems

    posted by KonigOE

    Cheaper than original item. Quality of plastics, screw and bolt are okay. Lens is okay. Tightning of the screw is enogh to keep it stable.
    It took nearly 40 days to receive in Istanbul. I haven't checked the waterproofnees yet.
    In any case it is okay. I need to bend by head a bit left on my motobike to correct the lining.
  • Very good case, fits perfectly

    posted by HelitonCostaBRA

    Strong material, well made, fit perfectly, nice style, small, good handling. I realy loved this case, and I already test it in my swiming pool, came with a additional seal ring, and grease. The cam fits like a glove inside. Came with nut screw in this down side to mount in a holder or tripod.
    To you begin be a professional photographer diver is a good deal, isn't a professional equipment, obvious, the cam that this case is made to, isn't also, but better than any other non professional found in stores.
    Nice, cool, strong material, nice style, resistant, and very good equipment.
  • Easy to use housing

    posted by tvdahl

    Pros:* The housing seems waterproof. Haven't tried dipping it in water, but have used it outdoors in rain without problems.* Due to a silicone surface you can use the iPhone even if it is inside the housing.* Comes with a handy strap that is durable
    I needed a housing like this while fishing and doing other outdoor stuff. This item holds the iPhone dry. I've tried it in rain, and it works very well. The strap was very handy for hanging the phone around my neck.
  • Cheap way to get a spare gopro housing

    posted by Pontyslapper

    From the outset the quality looks on a par with the genuine gopro housing.Its fully watertight and trustworthy - popped it in a bathful of water for 10 minutes just to check it was watertight - IT WAS!Different hinge to the genuine article on top but a hell of a lot easier to use single handed!
    Looks genuine from a distance - even close up - you have to sit and examine it side by side to notice the small differences apart from the hinge.At first glance I honestly thought it was made in the same factory os the gopro housing, I'm still not convinced its not!
    At this price, why not have a spare housing 'in stock' in case you crack or damage the one you use.I may very well set this up with the floaty back so that rather than have to mess around removing and refitting backs, I can just open it up pop the gopro in and away to go.Or it may get mounted on my Land rover so its always ready for action when I fancy taking some crazy footage.

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