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waterproof camera case

Welcome to our waterproof camera case online shop. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Browse the products from waterproof action camera, or some other related Pages like waterproof camera canon. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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waterproof camera case Customers Reviews

  • Good for smart phones

    posted by bwalter

    Easy to use closure, clear plastic, compact size. Touch screen works fine through the plastic.
    Fits my mom's Nexus S and my Galaxy Nexus nicely. I was worried it might be a bit small since it looked like there wasn't much room to spare with an iPhone. Based on the dimensions I decided to give it a try and it fit nicely.
    Good waterproof bag with easy to operate closure that will fit most reasonably sized smart phones.
  • A good way to protect things

    posted by Hafiz1

    - Materials are OK, plastic is thin enough so that it is possible to operate through it
    - Large enough, needed one for my GPS handheld, and it fits perfectly
    - Price is not that bad
    - Neutral colour
    - Adjustable neck strap
    All in all, this product is worth its price. I would definitely buy more of these, they are thin enough (unlike my old one) and protective. Very easy to use and very necessary when hiking, camping, sporting, canoeing, geocaching etc...
  • Tteoobl CG-318

    posted by ashfaqk

    It is very light, took a picture with it and the image is very clear. The camera slides in very easily. The mechanism to lock and unlock is very effective as water does not go inside.
    Great article specially if you have a point and shoot camera and do not plan to do a lot of underwater photography and just want to use your camera to take some pictures underwater without buying an actual waterproof camera.
    It is merely 12 bucks and you are having a waterproofed camera compared to some 120 bucks for an actual waterproof camera. It is really worth it.
  • submarine love

    posted by crlmsa

    It's a great camera! Easy to use, to load the film, to unload it, and it's really waterproof. I went diving and put some money inside the case, and nothing happened. The image quality is as good as other plastic analogue cameras, and I really like their colors. I have tried it only in the sea, but I imagine the results in a pool would be even better, since the water is more clear and blue. It's a simple camera, it seems to be a toy (isn't it?), but it does a great job. Captures movement with no problem.
    Buy it!
    You won't regret.
  • Tested to be Waterproof (black one, for 4CF and 4 MS Pro Duo)

    posted by Baycode

    Extremely rugged and waterproof construction. I have tested the waterproofness (please check mp pics). Inside is cushioned with silicone like, shock absorbing material while outside is solid plastic. I believe it can withstand some shock. It feels very solid. I assume it can stand a heavy load like a car passing over it! There is whole for attaching a lanyard. The locking clip is very secure and strongly keeps it closed yet not very difficult to open.
    I have tested this case under running tap water and submerged under 5cm deep water for 31 minutes. After the tests I have opened the case and there were no water inside! Not even a small drop of water! I confirm that it is waterproof! It is positively buoyant. This is good because if you accidentally drop it into the water it would not sink.
    I have accidentally purchased the case for CF and MSPro Duo cards. I should have bought the case for CF and SD cards. Be careful before purchase. The different cases have different color clips.We pay attention while buying our cameras and lenses but we don't care about protecting our cards. I think this case is one of the most important accessory for a digital photographer!Shockproof in to some degree and most important waterproof!

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