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waterproof bike Customers Reviews

  • Great laser tail light

    posted by vvladan

    I used this lights for whole year. Drove thousands of kilometers with it. Light is great. It makes you very visible on the road. Everybody got impressed and looking after you when you drive. You can easily choose how many meters you wanna have laser lines behind you with just changing angle of mounting a bit. Laser and led lamps can be turned on or off independently.
    Batteries last long enough.
    Very pleased with this light. Proud owner
  • Excelent product

    posted by nicote30

    It is very easy to use. It fitted perfectly in my bike.It has a lot of ways of use. You can combine the secuence of lighting with both colors blue and red.It has a very good price. Is very dificult to find another product with this qualitys for this price.It has a good quality. Very acceptable for its price.
    The seven mode and the colors are more than I expected.
    It realy filled up my expectatives and gave a litle more. The best price.
  • Bright light for a good price

    posted by Zeitgeist70

    - Really bright light with four brightness levels- Color coding of the battery discharge level- Good build quality- Compact size- Insensitive to low temperatures- Modular design lights
    I think fixing system to the steering wheel lights with a rubber ring does not meet the requirements of hardness on the bumps and other obstacles spotlight moves along the longitudinal axis. We have to lay a rubber band. Quick release would be able to provide the required stiffness. The fastening system battery pack with Velcro reliable and simple but it should also be further developed to provide better fixation.
    A good light at a great price. If you are willing to put up with some of its shortcomings will be an excellent choice.
  • Very useful! Very Handy!

    posted by stefaniadcm

    This bicycle safety tail light works great, with three lighting modes - you should like one of them - and even can be detatched from the mount so you can avoid it to bem stolen. Lights are strongly bright, with three led back lights. It's very easy to install. Anyone can performe the install.
    The red back light does the job.
    If you need a red back light, this one is a very good choice for an excelent price.
  • Better than I imagined!

    posted by hasanjensen

    - Very powerful lights which will make you very visible at night- Very cheap- Solid build. The plastic doesn't feel as though it will break.- 3 mode LED is very useful
    Easily mounted to bike. Just requires a screwdriver and a 1-2 minutes. They provide a type of removable padding so that the mount can be fixed to various thicknesses of bike' seat posts. The light itself is easily placed and removed from the mount.
    It's more than worth the money paid. Buy it.

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