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This is our best water temperature shower, they all share a great design and great prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

water temperature shower Customers Reviews

  • Pretty shower!

    posted by browcwb

    This shower own a temperature sensor, modifying the light to blue when the water is at the proper temperature for bathing, red if it is too hot, and green if it is cold, this is an attractive choice!
    Bathing is possible only with LED lighting, the blue color helps to relax while bathing, making the bath more enjoyable!
    Durable product with a beautiful design!
  • Excellent LED shower.

    posted by Olomorn

    Very durable, dropped it onto my bathroom tile, but in still worked fine. Also, the turbine makes little to no sound, which is a big plus from me.All the LEDs are bright and you can shower without external lighting if you want.
    Fit perfectly into my old shower head's socket and thread on it screwed in nice and tight. So it is perfect for at least my part of the world, which is Scandinavia, Northern Europe.
    It is a great LED shower head, which I will and have recommended. Best price and high quality. Makes showering that much more fun and interesting.
  • Hydro powered awesomeness

    posted by mongeemong

    Hydro powered so does not need batteries. Does the different colours based on Temperature.
    Could be smaller, and who knows what toxins we are now drinking :) but it looks so cool and gets lots of comments. Best part is it doesn't require batteries.
    Worth getting, nice and cheap and has lasted six months so far, so at $1 a month has been worth it so far, and has saved a few of our guests burning themselves.
  • Good choice for the given price

    posted by JPernik

    Good price was the main motivation to buy this particular shower head. It came with all stuff I needed to mount it to the pipe. It is mainly made of plastics (even the "glass" part) thus the weight is low and I am not afraid it will fall down. There is no need for any cables because the generator inside produces the electricity for the lights when the water flows through the shower head.
    I was little bit worried whether the threading will fit but I mounted the shower head without any problem (in Europe).
    For most temperatures I see the blue colour, no green and for high temperatures I see red one. With even higher temperatures it starts to blink but I can still withstand the water temperature.
  • Stylish and cool feature

    posted by IDV

    Beautiful packing and enough of the information on a gadget and his use.
    Very stylish and beautiful design of a gadget.
    High quality of the used materials and good assemblage.
    In the complete set the mesh filter is delivered and the cap is put on fastening of a water hose.
    Bright enough and sated color of illumination.
    Quickly enough color depending on water temperature change changes.
    It is interesting, as the given gadget (whether the covering will remain and whether apertures for water streams will be hammered) will long serve.
    Very much it was pleasant to my child.
    Even if at you will disconnect an electricity, always it is possible to take a shower by the light of from a 15-LED RGB Light Water Temperature Sensor Shower Head. :-)
    Stylish 15-LED RGB Light Water Temperature Sensor Shower Head - Silver not so costs much and can serve as interesting and stylish replacement to a standard shower head.
    I recommend to buy.

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