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water pipe smoking Customers Reviews

  • It works!

    posted by dansdata

    About as small as a functional water pipe can be. Pretty easy to clean, quite easy to use, looks nice (when it's clean...), quite easy to conceal.
    Whether you wish to smoke tobacco, kitchen herbs or lawnmower clippings, this little pipe will accommodate you. The cone is surprisingly large; you could actually use this to smoke a small hand-rolled cigarette worth of tobacco, if you wanted. Its small reservoir can't cool and clean the smoke as much as a full-sized water pipe can, but it's way better than a water-less pipe.
    If you're looking for a "covert" pipe, though, this is no good. It's a pocketable size, but anybody who sees it will immediately know it's "paraphernalia".
    Cheap and cheerful, just what a DealExtreme product should be. A great "travel" pipe, and cheap enough that if you find yourself having to throw it away in a moment of drama, you won't be too bothered.
  • Good waterpipe.

    posted by TimothyRuhe

    - Pretty good price.- It's easy to use (in the beginning not so, but later on very easy).- It's a funny looking waterpipe.- Smoking tastes really nice.- For a waterpipe, this thing is really portable.
    Funny waterpipe for a good price. I reccomend you first look arround on this site before buying one.
  • Handy Contraption

    posted by marty_mcfly

    * Small, compact design fits comfortably in hand, don't touch the chamber bowl as it can get quite hot after usage so hold by the pipe.* Easy to use and clean* Water filters smoke considerably and makes this water pipe work nicely, decreases harshness.
    * Inability to see water calls for intuition though nothing wrong with that.

    * You MUST clean this pipe with hot soapy water before use (and scrub bowl with scourer). I soaked mine in hot water and scrubbed it and rinsed it out considerably and still there was a copper-like taste whilst smoking so i can't imagine what it would have been like without cleaning. Just try to 'dry-run' the lighter flame through the bowl for a minute or two. The first few smoke's through it will taste abit putrid, due to copper 'remnants' burning off, though it wont kill you (anymore than what your smoking through it will) and soon goes away after a couple of goes.
    Happy with buying it. Certainly very good value for the price. Should suit any smoking occasion well, though isn't for a hard-headed smoker who just wants to rip big cones or smoke alot in one hit, this is for the layed back smoker who likes to have a relaxed smoke, taking it slow, and the water filtration makes this water-pipe perfect.
  • Very Cool!!!!!

    posted by Rafael420

    Very very cool water pipe!!!!! the leds are very funny!!! the water will come colorfull!!!! when you are high is more trip to you...the leds will auto shutdown in some seconds, so press again the button and they will start again!!! come with replacement parts and filter. I love this pipe!
    Very beautyfull and stylish design...its a charm.
    and recommend this pipe to every ganja smoker! the leds will help to make you trip happy!!!!
  • This is amazing

    posted by LeeAnnB

    This device is really awesome, smoking some herbs in it is truely amazing. My $55USD glass pipe was a big jump in smoothness over the little guy I had, but this is even bigger. No spitting up charred up bits, no coughing, and its very smooth.
    This device is really cool, the photo of of sean connery smoking this but it is totally some dudes hand holding it and its a comical photoshop job.
    This is the real review
    Airtight connection: totally, cover up the bowl and its sealed.
    Good materials: yes, only one day of use but it didn't have a bad plastic smell of seem like it would be destroyed in a week
    bowl size: good, large enough for a huge nugget and pretty deep.
    You NEED a SCREEN, they are on here for $1.50USD, or you can get them locally.

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