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  • Silicone O-Rings

    posted by neilf1999

    If you are a flashlight modifier or builder, you are going to need a supply of these in a variety of sizes. eventually you will misplace, lose, break or tear the ones that came with your flashlight. You can also add them to flashlights that do not have them installed to improve their resistance to water seepage.
    Although they are all packaged in a single plastic bag with the part number on the outside, it would be nice if the size was also printed on the label. It would make it easier to sort through them when I'm looking for a particular size.
  • This is very useful!

    posted by atosby

    This is very useful! Will be useful for those who grow indoor plants require large amounts of water. Balls of green color, very similar to the color will be bamboo, for which I bought them. Beads can absorb water at 200 times their original volume. So that a small bag does not mean that there is a small amount.Suitable for any indoor plants that require large amounts of water and humidity.
    Balls are very small. Until they revealed many scattered on the floor. Next time it will be necessary to open over the plate.
    I am happy with my purchase! Buy more.
  • Excellent and inexpensive!

    posted by RevolverOcelot

    Purchased these o-rings so I could customize my flashlights. I add them to the body of the flashlight and this gives the flashlights a slightly more grippy feel. The orange colour also compliments my orange tailcaps beautifully.
    O-rings are shipped OEM in a small plastic baggie. 20 o-rings for less than $1.50? This price is unbeatable!
    These o-rings are a must-have if you own lots of flashlights and like to customize them. The orange colour is very bright and stands out nicely. They're perfect for flashlights or anything else that uses o-rings.
  • Cool way to get some entertainment.

    posted by Tenisd

    They are awesome, and realy look like a camera.Can fool some people. Even if they understand it is not a real camera, they still have no clue that it is a water squirt device.So it comes with a surprise for everyone.Great for party.
    Great fun.
    Sweet item, would definately reccomend this to a friend. Or a cool birthday gift.
  • GREAT light

    posted by richardgr

    This is a great item, it is VERY bright and mine offers several different modes: after connectimng the emitter to the battery it blinks in SOS mode (... - - - ... and so on), pushing the button switches to VERY bright, pushing again dimms and pushing again switches off. To get to SOS mode again you need to disconnect and wait a minute, if you want VERY bright just push the button again.Build quality is very good, looks very professional, I did however have to move the LED emitter to the center, but that was no problem at all (just opened the lamp and pushed the emitter). The connector looks stable, the batteries (4x 18650 switched to 2 parallel packs of two serial 18650 cells) is sealed in some isolation and overall it looks good. It gives light for about three hours and when I say it gives light it surely DOES give light.
    Great for biking
    buy it. It's good and worth every cent. No even more.


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