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water pack Customers Reviews

  • Cheaply also it is practical

    posted by tag1755

    You receive for the low price two holdersAre not bad enough made and are easily mounted. Suits for bottles 0,5 - 0,75 litres. Bottles well keep and do not drop out at jolting. The ideal decision for installation on an old bicycle. For installation it is necessary to have the minimum experience, differently fastening will quickly become loose.
    It is desirable to put instructions on installation.
    For the comprehensible price two reliable fastenings, purchase has justified ???
  • Decent pens

    posted by sekihoutai

    - Pens with decent designs on the outside
    - you also get a lot of pens (12)
    - The tips are very tiny, so allows you to write finer and more accurately
    - Ink is pretty nice
    - Ink dries at a decent speed
    If you want black gel pens that are very fine and let you write very specfically then get these. I got these to write chinese and to do some doodling on my skins haha! but i thought the ink would come off easier...
    They're not too bad, Got to make some pretty decent "what-if" tattoos and use these pens to write small chinese words.
    I may just get the red and blue ones.
    A mixed combination of red, blue and black would have been a really nice choice instead of 3 separate boxes of 3 colours!!
  • Good value

    posted by Sethide

    It is really cheap. I have seen it (only ONE) for $10 almost everywhere. Although I can't be sure it is EXACTLY the same but close enough.
    It is very light. You don't really feel it.
    I have been wearing it everyday since I got it (> 1 week), seems to hold well.
    I have washed my hands with it on all the time, but shower with it and so far so good.
    I am not a big fan of the "Hello" blinking label.
    I gave away the white one but as far as I know the color has not changed at all.
    A very good value product. Just buy it, nothing to worry about.
  • Excellent and very bright for the price

    posted by Cygann

    Lamp is waterproof, very bright at all usable distances, light with nice finish
    See bottomline for impressions...
    Really nice lamp for the money, almost perfect for main light, but maybe even better when used as headlight. Shame battery case is not waterproof for those rainy muddy rides, but that can be fixed in DIY manner.Also there are lenses for making light beam wider, making it much more usable for trail night rides.
  • Cool!

    posted by jimm120

    Extremely cheap, considering its a 5 pack. They are extremely cool to watch grow.
    I set up a "store" in my classroom that students can buy items using points they earned throughout the week, and in the first shipments of items I bought (Invisible pens, piggy and cow keychains, invisible magic ink), these seemed like the least impressive to everyone. Well, I had only bought 1 pack but after a day, students were raving over this. After 2 days, 2 of the students brought in their "godzillas" (as I call them) to show off and now everyone wants one. I've even got 2 teachers asking me to get some. Well, after the popularity of these little things, I'm ordering more...and more than 1 pack (from 5 - 10 packs). These are just cool. And with great demand, I'll raise the price from 10 points to 12 points to teach these kids a bit about economy :)
    Great, great toy. If you buy in bulks, they come out super cheap, considering that they're 5 packs. ONLY worry I have is if a child swallows one. I heard that they disintegrate to a blob-like material in warm/hot water, so this might be the safety mechanism that doesn't allow some not so smart student put it in their mouth and have it expand in their stomach...but I'll have to test it out. Still, great, great and fun product.

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