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water bottle black

Buy a water bottle black from DX.com! It's your best choice. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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water bottle black Customers Reviews

  • Great Thermic bottle

    posted by WileCoyote

    That´s a very good quality bottle. It´s made of stainless steel and has a great finish.It can keep you drinks cool in the summer or hot in the spring for many hours.I have made a test, putting boiling water into it and then I kept it closed until the day after.After 12 hours or so, I opened the bottle and water was still burning.
    Seller should improve the post package to avoid damaging the bottle, because post office doesn´t use to handle the goods with care.I think they should sell it with other color options such as green, blue, or even camo finish.
    Fantastic thermic bottle. Really works great
  • Very nice water bottle

    posted by TheodorJS

    * This bottle is larger than your average water bottle. The size is perfect, I think. I'm using it at school and not so much for workouts. It's nice to have 1 liter of water with you, so you don't have to refill it so often.* The design is very pretty with the frosted glass effect.* It's easy to drink from and the seal is completely tight. The strap is also nice when you need to carry it with you.* Tritan is a really good material that's supposed to not release harmful chemicals after prolonged use.* The bottle can withstand the dishwasher.* It has measuring indications.
    There's some text written on the side of the bottle, which says: "UZSPACE healthy - safely - dreamland - outstanding, come from the details" It's totally meaningless, I think, but it's also kind of funny.
    Don't hesitate to buy this one.
  • For the price, great deal!

    posted by goireland123

    Its cheap, thats probably the only good thing about it, but it does do the job, and holds my water bottle really nicely, it can even be adjusted to fit basically any size bottle, its metal and so it bends.
    Just get it, its the cheapest one, and will do the same job as the one for five times the price.The fact that the metal isn't really so thick wont be an issue as its made for holding a bottle, and not a bag of sand.
    Nicely painted, nice black paint finish to it, and it will probably last a long while.The golden rule here on DX is - If its made of metal, quality wont be an issue. Basically its just metal, strong and sturdy!.
  • Cheap aero option bracket

    posted by kaieiru

    The price compared to the other available aerodynamic bracket mounts for bottle cages is significantly lower.built quality of the bracket is good, seems to be aluminium and made in Japan.Costs lower than purchased locally especially as it comes with 2 bottle holder
    Will be better if loctite comes included to secure the screws and better quality bottle cages can be included
    Worth buying
  • Good sized bottle.

    posted by cyclist

    Finally a good sized bottle.Most of the bottles out there are 750-800ml, but this one at 1000ml is perfect if you only have room for one bottle cage on your bike.Well made, no real issues with it.Nice top cover if you're one of those people who don't have mudguards or play off road and don't want all sorts of minging goo all over the spout.
    I am looking for ways to make the spout a bit looser so it is easier to use.
    I recommend buying this if you need the extra volume or only have one bottle cage on your bike.

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