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  • An easy set for battery replacement

    posted by Frankmans

    A lot of tools for not a lot of money. This set is easy to use and you won't need to damage your watches anymore. For the normal man this set is enough to open up the watch to replace a battery or shorten the bands of a watch.
    Easy and cheap! A useful thing would have been asort of reusable packaging.
    A cheap set for the replacement of batteries or shortening of bands..
  • Very good product for cleaning electronics, computers and digital cameras.

    posted by ssekulovski

    It's quite a large blower (twice the volume of my old blower), constructed out of a durable rubber. The rubber in the middle part of the blower (where you squeeze) is thinner than my old blower and therefore it is easier to operate.
    I replaced the front metal part with a front end of a pen and the blowing strength doubled... I would recommend this to everyone who wishes their blower was a little stronger :D
    It's a very cheap product with great durability and usefulness. the build quality of the top and bottom pieces could be batter, but at this price you can't expect more...
  • Good Case Holder.

    posted by gnaus

    I bought this case holder because i planned to use it to prevent scratches and damage on a couple watch cases i am working on. It is very well adjustable and does it job well.
    It works as a watch movement holder too, if you know how to fit the movement into it.I used it this way to keep my movements on the desk while removing/replacing the hands and dial.It worked very well without any damage to the movement or dial.
    Useful tool for who wants to do/practice some watchmaking without spending lots of money in swiss made tools.
  • Cheap, fast and realiable way to open watches

    posted by fran82

    + It includes a hard plastic box for carrying it+ It includes 18 different tips for different watch models/brands/types+ It came lubed and ready to use+ It is robust and seems to last many many uses+ The tips are held by "friction", no tools required+ Works with all brands except Rolex+ Perfect and cheap tool for any watch technician or hobbyst
    How to use:Find the adecuate tips in the kit that match with the rear "gaps" of your watch.Now put the 3 tips in the tool, remove the watchband with a tool (not included), then "adapt" the 3 jaws to the "gaps" in the rear plate of your watch. Use the 2 wheels of the tool to find the correct position/angle.Now firmly, unscrew the cap with care.DONE!If you need to screw the back on, do the steps in the other way!- Important: You have to have a way/tool (not included) to securely fix the watch, because if the rear cap of your watch is too strong, you will not be able to do only with your hands. Also you need a tool (not included) to remove the pins of the watchband.
    With this tool and its 18 accesories you will be able to remove the back plate (open) of most watches.100% recommended product!
  • useful for more than just watches

    posted by mimura47

    i got this for use with my PC. a can of compressed air can cost up to $8 a can where i am, thats rather expensive.i can use this to clean out my keyboard, albeit it doesnt have the same air pressure as a compressed air can
    price could be little less, but for my purposes its better than spending double this items price for compressed air that will eventually run out
    it has more uses than what it was intened for, what other uses can you think of?


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