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On this page, you can find a wide selection of warm white. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Browse the products from warm white car, or some other related Pages like warm white emitter. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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warm white Customers Reviews

  • So far so good

    posted by EBREBR

    Bulbs showed up quickly, Colour quality is nice. Build quality appears to be great. Low power consumption. Much better pricing that the hardware store($22.00 each)
    Instant on, no delay
    No cosmetic flaws, no loose parts. Fit perfectly.
    Packaging was adequate for shipping. Well protected.
    Swapped out the 50W halogen bulbs as soon as these arrived. These ones are probably about as bright as the 30W halogens. No matter to me though.
    If electricity cost are a factor, these are great for you. Low wattage, but great light. And a great purchase price
  • Excellent product.

    posted by muzicz

    Very natural warm light (not too reddish) E27 LED and it provides good light intensity (according to my opinion it is approx. 45W to 50W incandescent bulb). Very nice design.
    I use it in my reading area in the living room so I won't need bright light here. Lower the price and this can be a hit.
    Recommendable light for places that won't need bright light. A great incandescent replacement with much lower power usage.
  • Comfortable warm white light, a bit yellowish

    posted by zebul

    I made several attempts to get an acceptable high power LED light for living room. Cold white emitters were not comfortable. I tried other warm white emitter plates e.g. SKU 142033, but these gave an inacceptable kind of brown-green light and were very inefficient. This product finally has a nice warm white color. Objects look natural.The emitter plate is big, about 5x5 cm. I screwed it on a big CPU cooler using heat-conductive paste and also installed a very slowly rotating fan (8 cm), using 8 single LEDs and a 10R resistor in series to lower the voltage. The chip is easy to solder. I used a constant current power supply from ebay with 32-36 V and 1,5 A resulting in 50W ("RD50-36", 15 Euro, made in China). This is only half the rated power of the LED chip but more than enough for the room. Maybe it's about 4000 lm with this 50W so efficiency is ok.
    I payed 22 dollars, it is worth this price. If you need a high power LED DIY light with a comfortable warm color buy this one.
    It's a pity that DX only publishes positive or merely positive reviews and does not so with negative ones in other cases.
  • This review has numerical results.

    posted by Stubi

    -Cheap like everything on DX.
    LED:There are 3 pcs of 1 W LED in the lamp, connected in series. Check my pics. LED's are driven by half of their nominal power, so probably they will last forever. PCB board of the LEDs warms up to 44C° after 1 hour of operation (with heat transfer gel applied).Heat sink: Made of aluminum. Warms up to 30C° after 1 hour of operation on free air with 25C° environmental temperature. Power supply: Definitely the weakest point of the lamp. The controller IC on the PCB board heats up to 57C° after 1 hour of operation. The PS is very small and dense, the PCB is only 22x10 mm.
    The power in the item description is seriously overrated. The generated light amount is much less than 270 lm. The design of the PS is poor.
  • Works as described

    posted by Graven

    Warm light output is nice. Appears very solid. The internal power rectifier looks ok. Looks to be around 380 lumen (though I haven't measured it) about the same as a 60W bulb.
    It's ok for a cheap bulb but I won't buy anymore as there's a small chance the housing could become live. It's very small, but I don't like chancing these things.

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