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warm white strip Customers Reviews

  • A great product for Bathrooms!

    posted by Elwin1992

    Very bright light, easy to use and fairly cheap. I've been using it for a while and I absolutely love it. The 3M adhesive strip on the back works really great and it is only a minute of work to put it up. The light is nice and gives a great look to any room.
    The light could be a little more yellowish, since it is pretty white. For me this is not a problem, I use it in the bathroom, but if you were to use it in a living space it might not be as great.
    A great product for a great price, I love the 3M self adhesive strip on the back and the fact it is waterproof.
  • Light the darknes

    posted by Allmaker

    Light is great and very bright. Truly warm white. The power switch was added from factory to 12,19 volt`s. And the light strip is VERY bright whit that voltage. I drop`d the voltage to 10,5 volt`s and did drop the bright`s to the level i want`t. The good thing in the power switch is that you can adjust the out put volt`s.
    long 5M
    Cutable every 3 led`s
    Remember to adjust the voltage if you cut this.
    Even so even check the volt`s, not to burn the led`s.
    Good product. Warm white like it says. The tape is perfect. What ever you plane to whit these just do it.
  • Good LED-strip

    posted by Jouris

    Not very expensive, not huge lenght (i need only 2 meters), bright light, there is no dead LEDs.
    Pay attention: it's not realy warm white. It's clean white.
    Cheap LED stpip. Not very best, but it works as I expect. Pay attention: it's not realy warm white. It's clean white.
  • Bright! Good deal!

    posted by DharmaBum

    Bright. Flexible. Smooth surface makes them easier to clean. Good value!
    It's pretty easy to limit the current and hence power on these LEDs with a transistor and a resistor. I ran a small 55 cm at 8.3 watts (equivalent to 75 W for the whole 5m) and after about 30 minutes they are only warm to the touch, i.e, you can grasp them hold on for as long as you want. They will do fine even if you don't mount the strips to heat sinks. Dropping the wattage to an equivalent 54 watts for 5 meters results in less heat and about 50% less bright, as detected by my camera's light meter but barely detectable by eye. These strips are a great deal!
    If you want some great LED strips that can be used for cover and undercabinet lighting buy these.
  • Many Light for cheap price

    posted by franky1109

    Good Stripe for this price! Very good lightning. I have 25 metres in my living room as master light. It´s very warm white light. Perfekt for my living room.
    All other stripes are higher prices with lower lumen. And it´s very easy with the adhevise tape. I have additional to thes aluminium profiles under the stripes for the heating manegement.
    I´ve ordered 5 Stripes for my living room and it´s more than bright for my room!

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